For many high school male nice guys, the only prom they will be attending will be in their head.
1. I got rejected to prom so I imagined going. I had the time of my life. (Damn, iIm sad)

2. She went with somebody less nice but more attractive that's alright I had a dream about going with her and had the time of my pathetic life.

3. I got rejected to prom so, I brought the Prom to me. In my room, the music was loud, the food was Pizza Pockets and my date was a bottle of booze. I sure had fun. (Damn)
by Lemon101 January 05, 2010
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The day my girlfriend dumped me in the morning, and that night I got drunk and maybe got chlamydia from a swim-team whore. The sad part is, this happens to many of us.
"Damn, prom was fun. I sure hope nobody finds out about who I fucked, though."
by King of Spades April 14, 2005
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1) Prom in the USA is a big event at the end of the last year at school. The general idea for most students is to get as drunk as possible and lose your virginity, possibly, but not necessarily, to the person who is your date. Anyone who is going to be able to handle the real world will either hate the prom or just won't go.

2) In the UK prom is a similar event, but much lower-scale; ie. held in the school or a nasty village hall in the middle of nowhere. The basic principle is the same: terrible music, a shoddy yearbook, cool kids being even more horrible and shallow than usual and humiliation for the lame kids. if you have any intentions of losing your virginity after the UK prom, you are very much mistaken. The likelyhood is that you either go with a friend of the opposite sex because neither of you could get a real date, or you get a real date who ends up leaving with your slutty friend. The food gives you diarrhea, or you puke from too much cheap alcohol, or (if you are a girl) you will get your period and everyone will see. The night ends with an after party usually, where somebody's house gets trashed- if anyone is going to lose their virginity at all, it'll happen here. Classy.
1) OMG, I like sooo can't wait until prom night!

2)Cool kid: Urgh, do you seriously think he's gonna want to go to prom with you?
Lame kid: No. Hence me not going, seeing as you're just going to have sex with him to spite me anyway.
by gembird November 22, 2006
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1) A high school activity that involves copious amounts of alchohol, hotel rooms and the mass loss of virginity.
"I went to the Prom with your mom bitch!!"
by Stinko Man February 04, 2003
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The night in high school involving the loss of a lot of money and a lot of virginity. Underclass prom ho's agree to go with social pariahs just to get there, and in the end, it's just another awful high school dance. Prom also usually results in an epidemic of eating disorders among girls. Low-level, parent-approved prostitution: the girls get dressed up, the guys pay for everything, they get them off. Popular post-prom destinations include the shore or cheap hotel rooms.
I'm a total loser, but I can get the hottest freshman to go to prom with me!
by Mary Jane February 21, 2005
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Another place for losers to listen to repetitious music, while the nice, sensative guys that girls claim to want sit at home in the dark, silently weeping. "Bitter, Me?"
I am not at all bitter about not ever going to prom.
by Vash September 14, 2003
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(noun) formal dance, usually in the springtime.

for high school juniors and seniors, and the occasional underclassman who gets asked by a desperate upperclassman.

slightly overrated.

some may experience a 'creative' way of being asked to the dance.
'creative' way of asking: someone painting 'PROM?' on the hood of your brand new car with paint that actually doesn't wash off. you deny him, but take the homemade cookies he made for you, because shit, your car is fucked.
by hellen4you November 14, 2009
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