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The action of forcibly removing the prom king and queen from their position of power and replacing them with a pair of unattractive and unpopular students just to fuck with the high school clique system.
Prom Attendee: "Yo dude, you should've gone to the prom last night".

Unattractive and Unpopular Guy: "Nah, I'm too unattractive and unpopular. I would've been laughed out of there."

Prom Attendee: "No you wouldn't, you might've been crowned prom king!"

Unattractive and Unpopular Guy: (Sarcastically) "Real funny man."

Prom Attendee: "No seriously, we staged a prom coup! The new prom king and queen ended up being Chubby Charlie and Pizza-face Patricia."

Unattractive and Unpopular Guy: "DAMN IT!"
by Bulletproof10 February 28, 2012
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