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basically, if a girl has one or more of the following problems:
*if she got kids wit no daddy
*if she got crabs all up in her panties (or any other STD)
*if she full of drama and she never happy
*if she been golddiggin
*if she jealous cuz you LOOK AT other women
*if she hovers up in yo business (like where you at, what you doin, who the fuck is she?)

...then she aint nothin but a prollum bitch

note: also spelled "problem bitch"
Fuckin Christa put a hole in that condom and got pregnant. I'm serious I checked it and it was a round lil pinhole in the tip! She even said she did it so she could keep me! thats a fuckin prollum bitch mayne!
by bojzzle September 14, 2007
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