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Someone who lives in da hood and sucks dick for bill payments or for drugs. I should know cause its easy to get hooked on drugs around here. We usually leave couches on the front porch and we just chill. Place gets drive-by shootings lot of the time. A project chick is basically a chick that chill or live in the hood.
I been a project chick my whole life.
#projects #ghetto #hood #bling #drive-by
by Angel Vitale December 30, 2007
A girl that has a potiential but is oblivious to fashion, makeup, and other facets of femininity and is in dire need of help.

The ultimate goal when working on a project chick is to benefit all of mankind by taking a girl from ordinary to extraordinary.
Damn! That girl looks like she got dressed in the dark again, i'm going to do her and myself a favor and make her my project chick.
#fashion victim #plain jane #dressing while colorblind #girl #rescue
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