A woman with no morals; also considered as a slutish female that many males have been acquainted with.
"In Dade County they call'em 'ANIMALS'
In Savannah they call'em 'PROFESSIONALS'
~by the late Camoflage
by creammy_3 December 19, 2003
classy term for a blow job.
She gave him a professional in a public bathroom.
by jhjkl August 15, 2008
A drink derived of two simple ingredients. Mountain Dew slurpy, and everclear (a very strong liquer, usually need only 2 or 3 shots). Mix together and you have yourself a professional. It does the job like a professional the Mountain Dew slurppy masks this powerfull liquer and before you know it, your A-OK, good 2 go!
I want to get real fucked up tonight. Im thinking about heading over to 7-11 picking up a dew slurppy and making myself a professional.
by Mike J Smith June 07, 2007
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