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proem, otherwise known as Richard Bailey, is an American electronic/IDM musician, active since 1999. He is known as one of the the major contemporary intelligent dance musicians on the scene today.

He made his debut with his full-length "Burn Plate No.1" on Hydrant Records, and followed in 2001 with "Negativ" on M3rck Records. He continued with his 2002 release "Among Others" on n5MD, the label of port-royal, and released "Socially Inept" in 2004, the album many consider to be "genre-defining" of IDM. He released a two-disc album "You Shall Have Ever Been" in 2006, and "A Permanent Solution" in 2007. In 2009, he dropped a dark ambient album, "Till There's No Breath", deviating from IDM for a time.

Proem is known mostly for his crunchy and glitchy beats and complex melodies that are often considered melancholy. He has also worked with and done remixed for the likes of Brothomstates, Machinedrum, and others. He is also an artist and designer.
proem is one of the best IDM musicians out there in my opinion.
#proem #electronic #music #idm #intelligent dance music
by skyclaw441 October 25, 2009
A "proem" is a short bit of folk wisdom expressed in the form of blank verse. It may or may not be "prettied-up" by written expression within lines in the form of a cloud.
<> "A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE" <> Bill Shakespeare would have written a proem if he had known he was writing immortal literature.
#poet #poetry #poem #free verse #blank verse
by Rev-Steve Hislop SR April 29, 2007
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