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drugs i.e. cocaine or weed
hay man da product jus came in today, lets go scoop it up.
by deejay January 15, 2004
Styling gel or mousse.
I'm using product in my hair today.
by Leflyman January 17, 2004
something that is sold. most often used as a drug term. EX: a drug dealer sells "product". no matter what kind of drug it is, it is still product.
hey man, you holding any product?
by Eegerageabeav January 13, 2004
slang for drugs
Gotz to put mo product out on da skreets
by Dirty January 13, 2004
Slang for hair styling agents, such as gel, hair spray or mousse. This term made popular by the cast of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy".
His hair could have benefitted greatly with the proper application of product.
by spawnmc January 13, 2004
A replacement for the majorly over used word Douchebag.
Whatever dude. Sometimes you can be such a product..
n. refers to drug paraphernalia; drugs
Yea, Tony's on the corner selling product
by Tarell January 14, 2004
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