something that is sold. most often used as a drug term. EX: a drug dealer sells "product". no matter what kind of drug it is, it is still product.
hey man, you holding any product?
by Eegerageabeav January 13, 2004
A replacement for the majorly over used word Douchebag.
Whatever dude. Sometimes you can be such a product..
An ugly person who has been birthed out of the wrong hole.
That product looks and smells appropriate for their times.
by god's peer November 29, 2012
1. Something one gets in order to build a deck at a Magic Tournament.
2. Prize for being in the top 8 players at a Magic Tournament.
3. Something one has a big box of so that one can draft out of it.
Once we have everyone seated, we will pass out the product. - Judge Larry (happy birthday)
by Jables January 15, 2004
A cigarette.
I think its time to go for a product.
by Dave Milligan November 27, 2003

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