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The boss' pet employee who is absolutely useless at his job, but can do no wrong in the boss' eyes; a douchebag.
A: Tim has the boss' ear.

B: Yeah, he's the department prodouché
by Talisman_London September 16, 2009
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An obnoxious egotistical vegetarian.
It is a combination of the word Douche and Produce
Christian: Are you gonna eat that asparagus? Cause if you don't you're a fat ass. And I'm beautiful. Cause I don't eat meat.
Phil: Fuck off you fucking prodouche.
by Maximus the Destroyer February 28, 2016
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The name for an offspring of two people that everyone knows as douchebags, so the child is expected to be a super douche like them or just a regular douche, either way you're getting a douche for a son.
Joe: Hey dude, I heard Brad and Sarah want a baby
Mike: Really, shit they going to prodouche a smug annoying baby.
Joe: Tell me about it.
by Dumbinic December 07, 2009
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When someone is exhibiting extreme and abnormal levels of being a douche.
*Office scenario*
-Man: "I totally ruined the entire kitchen because my yogurt fell on the floor, so no one can use the kitchen now."
-Man2: "Bro, you're a prodouche, why would you do that???"
by spidey25 May 10, 2017
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