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Putting off homework or other important activities in order to masturbate.
I failed my physics test because I stayed up looking at sheep porn instead of studying. I'm such a procrasterbator!
by Gary March 19, 2005
To put off doing work and in stead jerking-off to look at porn on the computer.
A buddy of mine works from home and gets sidetracked easy, so he decides to look at porn and masturbate and not get any work done. I can call him up and i know when he is Procrasterbateing.
by Bigb20 July 12, 2010
1) Being to lazy to masterbate you occupy yourself with other tasks.
2) Masterbating constantly to the point of neglecting all other tasks
1) Dude, I'm so tired I've been procrasterbating all day.
2) The world had ended due to excessive procrasterbation.
3) Jimmy, if you don't stop procrasterbating you'll end up just like your father!
4) If only I could stop procrasterbating, I'd get a lot more done
5) To procrasterbate, or not to procrasterbate, that is the question
by Paul Elekes May 06, 2008
1. To take physical and mental pleasure in procrastinating

2. Putting things off while realizing that it feels good, but you're really only screwing yourself.
In an effort to procrasterbate, I alphabetized my roommate's CD collection and made an ASCII art wall hanging of Van Gogh's ear. In color.
...I am so screwed.
by myrddins January 09, 2006
It's when you are thinking about masterbating but instead of doing it right now you decide to do it later.
I can't wait to Procrasterbate tonight!
by Wildcat872 October 31, 2010
1.When you are masturbating, and you decide to stop for awhile, and go do something else.

2.Masturbating as an exscuse for not doing something else.
-"Hey dude! I did the wierdest thing yesterday."
-"I procrasterbated. I was in the mood but decided to watch tv instead."

-"ahhh, boss!"
-"Denworth, if i see you procrasterbating instead of doing your work again, your fired!"
by Taylor Deyoung October 24, 2007
To procrastonate by masterbation
Yo did you get ur homework done ? Nah man I just procrasterbate
by bdkkc February 17, 2015

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