A term invented by anti-abortionists to refer to being anti-abortion.
Everyone is pro-life you idiot, what you are is anti-abortion.
by xRoBx August 06, 2004
Pro-life is a word used by many religiously affiliated groups to shame women who have had abortions, may need an abortion in the future, use birth control and the morning after pill. Pro-lifers enjoy protesting at abortion clinics, including Planned Parenthood. Many pro-lifers believe that a fetus of rape or incest should be carried to term. Denying a woman her right to an abortion if she was a victim of rape or incest is undeniably cruel, seeing as those victims are often embarrassed to report the crime, suffer from sexual insecurity, and often require years of counseling to make them feel whole again. Without an abortion, those women would be forced to carry a reminder of their rape around for nine months. Also, people who would try to take away abortions, especially in low-income areas, don't have support systems in place for young and disadvantaged mothers. Children are EXPENSIVE. Many people cannot afford children. Also, there are seven billion people on earth. We should be reducing the number of children born, not increasing it. This is why birth control and the morning after pill are completely necessary.
Person 1: You can't have an abortion.
Person 2 (pregnant by rape 12 year old): But, I emotionally and physically am not able to carry this fetus to term. I could die easily in childbirth. I don't want to die. If I don't get an abortion, I'll have to drop out of school.
Person 1: Well, God wanted you to have this baby. That's why you're pregnant. Getting an abortion isn't pro-life.
by Peoplearedumb July 01, 2013
A deceptive word usage or oxymoronic word. People who are pro-life are really only pro-birth. Once a person is born, people who are pro-life lose all interest in that person's life.
George W. Bush is Pro-life. His policies killed well over a million people in Iraq and Afghanistan, but he supports every fetus's right to be born. After that, he couldn't care less.
by MineralMan February 06, 2010
Objectively, the prerogative is to enforce that any consensually or non-consensually pregnant woman is forced to give birth to her child, regardless of extreme physical pain, psychological trauma (rape,) potential death (miscarriage, vaginal bleeding,) their own fully developed humanity, conscience, relatives, children, or the fact that the baby (no matter how valued by others) is of their creation and responsibility.

This indirectly portrays pregnant women as little more than human incubators; Pro-life is considered by some to be an unconscious form of female objectification/anti-feminism.

Some Pro-lifers (some of whom are men and/or otherwise incapable of experiencing the pain of child-birth) seem to believe they have a self-given right to regulate the abilities of pregnant women.

However, it should be noted that despite some Pro-lifers are an embarrassment to others, some are actually polite, intelligent and have substantial respect for the concerns/conditions of pregnant mothers.
Jack: "Just because I'm pro-life doesn't mean I condone violence against women, or the reduction of their rights."

Jamie: "You could be in support of specific women's rights, but that doesn't change the fact you condone the removal of one of two significant choices made available to mothers and rape victims."

Jack: "I can understand your sentiments, but my approach to the removal of abortion would be gradual, sensitive and respectful."

Jamie: "Maintaining such a seemingly justifiable cause would be challenging in light of your blatant opposition to established women's rights."

Jack: "It would be replaced with a system that provided unanimous support and respect for pregnant women."

Jamie: "Well, at least you'd be willing to establish such a system in its place, as opposed to just destroying abortion clinics and bellowing misogynistic profanities."

Jack: "I know you don't agree with my sentiments, but thanks for at least understanding them."

Jamie: "No problem, I suppose not all Pro-lifers are bad."
by A Random Individual October 06, 2012
An especially good life.
Ever since I got that new house, I've really been living the pro-life.
by Dr. Williamson February 17, 2010
Anti-Women's rights crusaders (like Sarah Palin) who are against all forms of abortion, including cases of rape, disability, and when the women's right is in danger.

Right to know birth control and other methods of teen pregnancy prevention (ie sex education) is being denied by these poorly educated religious fanatics. They insist in abstinence only education, which does not actually do anything to prevent teen pregnancy. Statistics show that 8/10 chastity vow takers break these pleges.

30 years ago in Roe V Wade the supreme court ruled that Abortion was legal, this right has been restricted ever since down to outright banning.

Their followers are usually naive bandwagoners.
Me: The Fetus has no nervous system and is technically not alive until the 3rd trimester

by ZappyPantz July 16, 2009
"An Evil Fuck"?
"An Annoying Idiot"?
Pro-life evangelical Christian group bomb an abortion clinic while saying that every life is precious...wtf???
by artisresistance March 08, 2009
The radical idea that murdering babies is wrong.
Pro-Deather: You're pro-life? You don't care about women's rights!

Pro-Lifer: Yes, just like I don't care about a mugger's right to shoot you
by MISTER OWNINATOR November 11, 2012

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