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A pro-life person sees a person as a human being from the moment of conception in his or her mother's womb to the point of death - and respects life to be protected at each of these stages.

Did you know?
- A fetus in in latin means "offspring" or "young one" or "child"
- The moment of conception there is a DNA code given each person which will determine everything physical about you such as eye color, hair color, if you will go bald in old age, etc...
- At 18 days after conception there is a heartbeat
- At 4 weeks baby in the womb forms eyes, ears, and respiratory systems
- Brainwaves are detected at 6 weeks
- At 9 weeks all structures are formed and now only need to develop and grow to full size and full function. Also at this time of 9 weeks baby can feel pain
- 2nd trimester starts at 13 weeks. Most people feel the abortion is only okay in the 1st trimester before the baby develops, however, the baby is already a baby from conception... just needs to grow.

And let me repeat: in the first trimester the baby can feel pain. look up The Silent Scream on-line and see a baby inside the womb being removed.

A few famous Pro-Lifers: Eduardo Verastegui (Bella), Brooke Shields (supermodel and actress), Patricia Heaton (Everybody Loves Raymond), Mother Teresa, Original Women's Rights Activists: Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton - and many more...

People who are genuinely pro-life do NOT believe in killing anyone, including "doctors" or any person who performs abortions. If someone bombs an abortion facility they are not really pro-life but a freak who gives pro-lifers a bad name.

People who are really pro-life are against the death penalty and believe in only a culture of life (not anything with killing anyone who is human) --- however, the issue of abortion (terminating a pregnancy which kills a young baby) tends to be more urgent cause they fight against because there are millions of abortions that happen yearly, and only a hand full of people who get the death penalty every year.

People who are pro-life are against Euthanasia because they see life as valuable and sacred at every stage - from the moment of conception to ripe old age to the moment of natural death

Some Pro-Lifers will show pictures of mutilated babies. It is not because they are sickos. It is because they believe the best way to end an injustice is to expose it. The pictures of mutilated babies are babies who are aborted. If there was nothing wrong with abortion then why would people have trouble seeing these type of pictures? If babies are not aborted, only "globs of tissue" then what would be disturbing about the pictures? They are disturbing because they show baby parts - arms, legs, everything, but the baby is killed and looks disgusting because this horrible act of abortion was done to the child. A lot of people dismissed the holocausts in Nazi Germany thinking it wasn't a big deal - until they saw the pictures of dead bodies. That brought reality to the horrors that were going on there. Pro-Lifers show pictures of babies that are aborted to show what is really going on - to expose the truth of this modern day genocide.

Pro-lifers don't really see people who do abortions as doctors. Aren't doctors supposed to heal people from illnesses? Pregnancy isn't an illness, but a healthy and necessary part of life. Doctors are supposed to help people to live. Abortion is killing babies, two people (mother with child inside of her) will walk into an abortion facility and only on person will come out (the mother) - however, sometimes neither come out. Sometimes Abortion will kill the mother too.

A Pro-Lifer rejects abortion in the case of rape or incest. This is NOT because a pro-lifer is cruel or hates women. The opposite is true. Here are the reasons why Pro-Life people reject abortion in cases of rape or incest:

A) Killing an unborn baby for a rape is killing an innocent person, a person who has NOT raped you. If you feel someone should be killed then shouldn't it be the person who did the evil act; shouldn't the rapist be killed by this logic?

B) 2% of all abortions are from rape and incest victims - and there are millions of abortions. When someone is raped her body will shut down and reject what is happening, it is highly unlikely for this woman to even get pregnant because a violent act is happening to her. Yet we legalize abortion for the millions because of the small few who do conceive from rape... there is no abortion clause "only if raped..."

C) Rape Victims feel they don't have a "choice" if they become pregnant. If a girl is raped and gets pregnant as a result society, friends, etc. expect her to have an abortion. "how could you carry that thing when you were raped?" I have read articles where women have said that the abortion procedure, legal as it was, was worse then the rape. I have also personally met a woman, Pam Stenzel, conceived of rape and put up for adoption and is now an adult and mother who speaks to teens around the country to wait for marriage.

Look up a couple of positive women in the world who were conceived of rape:
Pam Stenzel
Rebecca Kiessling

Pro-Lifers do not think it is okay to have an abortion to prevent "back-alley abortions" Legal abortions have been known to kill the pregnant mothers as well. (Didn't know that did you?) Look up the Blackmun Wall for a list of women killed. For a specific case look up Rapin Osathanondh who did an abortion on Laura Hope Smith, Laura died due to the abortion and it was legal and "safe"
Person One: "I love people. I love life."
Person Two: "ah, you are pro-life"
Person One: "yeah, that is why I would never have an abortion, it is murder!"

Person Three: "I believe a woman has the right to choose..."
Person Two: "to choose what? flavor of ice cream? what dress to wear?"
Person Three: "to have an abortion"
Person Two: "Oh, well then, that isn't exactly 'pro-choice' - to say 'pro-choice' is like saying 'pro-thought' but the 'choices' or thoughts is really what you would be for or against. So really you are pro-abortion, you just don't like the word abortion it seems... it makes you uncomfortable so you use semantics to cover it up. So what is an abortion to you?"
Person Three: "an abortion is to terminate a pregnancy, getting rid of an unwanted baby" But I'm not pro-abortion, I think abortion is a horrible thing... like killing"
Person Two: "but you are for the choice of abortion - you ARE pro-abortion. and calling a baby unwanted... There are so many people who want to adopt these days. Besides isn't it cruel to call a baby unwanted or to say any baby should be killed?"
Person Three: "maybe so, but as Naomi Wolf says it is a necessary evil"
Person Two: "Is there really such thing as a necessary evil? Isn't evil still evil so evil should never be a choice?"
by zannahdoll October 21, 2008
An American political stance characterized by the belief that abortions constitute murder. Currently, America has legal abortions available to those who want and can afford them. Persons of the pro-life platform wish for abortion to be illegal. Compare to pro-choice
President Bush is pro-life.
by Anonymous November 14, 2003
The belief that all life is sacred and deserves to be protected. One who is truly pro-life will oppose capital punishment, war, poverty, and all forms of physical or mental torture. Such a person will see abortion as a tragedy for all involved, not a "reproductive right" to be celebrated - and will work to end abortion, not by force or intimidation, but by working to change the social and economic conditions that lead people to choose abortion.
i hate it when people think that because i identify as pro-life, i would support such atrocities as capital punishment, pre-emptive war, or violence against women.
by The activist September 12, 2005
1. Someone who is against abortion. While most merely protest and express their outrage for it, few others go hypocrite and kill abortion clinic doctors. Opposite of pro-death, indeed!

2. Often called Anti-choice.
The pro-life woman ranted and raved that killing is wrong, and to prove her point, she shot a doctor dead because he performed an abortion. In other words, she felt that a fetus was more important than a living, breathing human being.
by Jei December 10, 2004
A political stance in which protects the human rights of a undeveloped human, but apparentley the feelings of the woman who was raped didn't matter.
"My sister was raped but due to the Pro Life laws, She was forced to have a kid she didn't want."
by Doeboy July 02, 2007
In the most non biased way I can say it:
A term, generally used to describe the views preserving life,although most commonly used for those against abortion.

Pro Lifers usually believe that
- Abortion is Wrong
- Euthanasia is Wrong
- The Death Penalty is wrong
- Everyone has the right to life

Going unbiased:
No we are not anti-woman or sexist in any way. We just belief everyone has the right to life.
I believe that all life is good, and should be respected. I am Pro Life.
by ValkyrieMissileX April 26, 2008
Politically correct label that applies to people who oppose a woman's right to chose. The choice of words, 'pro-life', suggests that the people who don't agree with them are 'pro-death' and therefore bloodthirsty babykillers.
Using the 'pro-life' label allows those who are described by it to do the following:
-Avoid any rational debate
-Advocate the murder of doctors who perform abortions
-Walk around with pictures of dead babies
-Never have to point out that they have never been in a predicament that would have them consider abortion (extreme poverty, rape...)
-Live in a fantasy world where abortionist kill babies as a hobby in satanic rituals
-Speak God's name in vain
-Hello, I'm Michael, 'I'm pro-life'.
-Really? well that's nice, death sure is overrated.
-Wanna look at my pictures of mutilated babies?
by James LeGroove December 25, 2004
Name given to citizens who believe that abortion and/or the dealth penalty is wrong. Many believe that pro-life only refers to abortion.

Christians usually spend too much time focusing on abortion and not enough on the Death Penalty. Usually to present this they carry around picture of mutilated babies, many of which are fake.

Although some may disagree with their beliefs, they should not dehumanize them. They have the right to believe what they please. They should also do this to pro-choicers.
1. I am pro-life, I believe that a fetus is actually a human life, with a soul, and every fetus has the right to life.

2. I am pro-choice, the opposite of pro-life, I believe that the fetus is just a mass of human tissue. I believe that a woman should decide whether she wants to continue with her pregnancy.
by Rosuto June 26, 2006