A group of people who care more about the woman's right to choose than the baby's right to live. They claim that rape is an excuse for murder, but instead of murdering the rapist, they murder their own flesh and blood, all to often (but not always) because they simply refuse to keep their legs shut.
People who are pro-choice make me sick!
by D-Sniznit May 31, 2007
A persuasion, which leads women into an abortion clinic in the same way cattle, are led into the killing room.
The closer the cow gets to the killing room the more apparent the reality becomes. Presently there is no choice (first hand experience here) due to the power of pro-choice special interest group$. Hence it is a persuasion and not pro-choice. When abortion clinic$ “open up”, let us know exactly what goes on with an abortion, and feel the freedom to offer the woman one final “are you certain?” that will be pro-choice. When abortion clinics are as acceptant of women changing their minds as pro-choice advocates these days are of combating the pro-life movement, then it will be pro-choice. Again, first hand experience here: what I heard from pro-life was understood to be opinion with sprinkles of facts and what I heard from pro-choice was made to look entirely as fact. Fact of the matter is that pro-life did a far better job with the facts than did Plan Parenthood. Its time pro-choice gave us something to choose from. Its time we got some abortion facts not filled with a prejudice against the “other” choice—life.
by Ron Baker May 04, 2006
Politically correct, sugar coated term for supporting a woman's right to kill her unborn child
"I'm not pro-life or pro-choice. I'm pro killing babies" -Maddox
by LuneKnight August 24, 2005
A group who call themselves this because it sounds better than saying they are "anti-life."
Pro-choice people refuse to call themselves "anti-life," whereas pro-life people would have no problem saying they are "anti-choice."
by raspberry (lust) muffin September 08, 2006
adjective, A euphamism for pro-abortion. The belief held by many callous people that women have the right to "choose" to kill their baby as an alternative to it being born.

A politico-social movement of such people
I was a heartless prick so I decided to kill my neighbour because I was pro-choice and I had a right to choose.

A pro-choice rally was attended by many hard looking feminazis who actually needed heart transplants.
by Danny Dick May 07, 2005
The political stance of soulless morally degenerate neo-nazi extremists who believe that they should have the legal right and choice to murder or exterminate undesirable humans. (see nazi for similar views.)
The term pro-choice is a fundamentally flawed and a contradiction of their doctrine. To have the choice to take one human's life is depriving another human of the choice to live. They ignore the obvious signs of protest (clenching fists, cowering etc.) which make it all too clear that the person they're dismembering alive DOES NOT CHOOSE THIS! They pretend to be so proud of their stance, but they lack the courage to call it what it really is: pro-murder. Instead they try pawn off their namby-pamby contradictory term of pro-choice.
Pro-choicers pretend to support the choice of women, meanwhile tens of millions of woman have been slaughtered and deprived of choice. Hence the pro-choicers put the "moron" in "oxymoron".
Also known as baby-murderers, pro-choicers pretend to remain ignorant of the fact that human life begins from the first cell division. They pretend that if they've seen no evil, they've done no evil. Some cannot live with this on their conscience and mental disturbences / suicide can follow. They claim that the murdered humans aren't citizens and don't have rights because they are not independant of their mothers. We've yet to see an independant toddler who has his own house and income, yet pro-choicers do not push for the right to murder these under-developed humans. Here lies the hypocrisy of pro- choicers.
The opposition to pro-choicers are the pro-lifers, though the two groups do not hold entirely opposing views. In fact, and ironically, pro-lifers are much more pro-choice than pro-choicers in that they believe both parties should have choice - the choice to life, that is, and any other choice that doesn't directly destroy another's life.
The possible future for so-called pro-choicers:
1) Fire may rain down on the cities that have not given up murdering their children
2) They may become more extreme in their choices, such as murdering oddlers (as they are dependants), murdering elderly parents who can't look after themselves or earn a living, people on the street they simply don't like, people they don't want living in their country, such as hispanics etc., people who look at them funny. The pro-ness of their choice may even eventually extend to total moral degeneration, resulting in looting, mugging, raping, manic murder sprees, bombing, etc.
E.g. #1
Chick: Hey man, I'm all for pro-choice.
Man: OK, my choice is to put this shotgun in your fat whore mouth and blow your brainless head away.
Chick: Oh my gosh, please no!!
Man: Sorry, what did you say? That's right, it doesn't matter as you're all for people making choices to abort lives that aren't theirs!
Shotgun: KABOOM!

E.g #2
Judge: What have you got to say for yourself regarding
the terrorist attacks on the 11th of September?
Moussaoui: Relax! I was just exercising your great
american tradition of pro-choice! Isn't it fun seeing
people die in your country? Heck, America killed more
Americans in one day than in all the efforts of Bin-Laden.
How do you feel about that, Mr judge?
Judge: Er... I'm pro-life myself, but I guess I'm ashamed
I haven't protested more.

E.g #3
Adolf Hitler: Ich bien pro-choisen!! Exterminate das Jew!
by Kino Sands May 17, 2006
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