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The self-given label of the ideological group who believe abortion should be legal and readily available; contrasts with "Pro-Life”.

Until the third trimester, an organism developing in the womb is unable to support life independently, in effect no more alive than a person in a coma with a machine operating his or her lungs. Besides which, Pro-Life supporters—if they really had an ounce of compassion in them—wouldn’t hound women who have made the often difficult and always irreversible decision of having an abortion. Granted, there are Pro-Choicers who don’t seem to think women should grieve or otherwise deal with their emotions after an abortion but I am not one of them: I believe the most important thing for a woman who has had an abortion is to learn how to accept and live with the choice. Emotion is natural to human beings and should be safely expelled rather than corked up. And it doesn’t help to show revolting (and often fake) photographs supposedly showing aborted fetuses, let alone all the other psychotic stunts these people perform (blowing up clinics, anyone? Doesn’t seem very “Pro-Life” to me.)
A person who is pro-choice believes that a life of an already-extant, fully-fledged human being takes precedence over that of an embryo or fetus.
by The Thinker-Writer November 11, 2010
a political view that believes that abortion should continue to be legal and accessible. Pro-choice is not necessarily pro-abortion, but merely being in support of a woman's having the option available. People who follow this view would not necessarily opt for abortion themselves, but do not wish to deny others the option.
Pro-choice is not an antithesis to pro-life; while the pro-life view would force women to give birth, pro-choice would not force them to abort.
by Child Hatter May 29, 2003
A social disposition that concludes that the only thing worse than abortion is the government having the authority to tell you whether you will/will not have one.

Many, if not most pro-choice believers do not relish abortion, but are committed to keeping the government out of our bedrooms, sex lives, and nurseries.

Although to a typical black/white, bible-thumping, attack dog anti-choice fundie, this automatically means that a pro-choicer not only loves abortions, but has obviously had several. Not true.
I got my ex-wife pregnant when I was 20, and we *CHOSE* to keep it; and have another.
by spot August 24, 2004
An American political stance characterized by the idea that abortion is a pregnant woman's right, as guaranteed by Roe v Wade. Compare to pro-life.
President Bush is not pro-life.
by Anonymous November 14, 2003
Someone who believes that abortion should be legalized.

There is a differance between pro-life and pro-choice. Pro-life people want to stop abortion because they think it is wrong. Pro-choice people may think abortion is a good or bad thing, but they want women to have the right to do it even if it's not a good choice to make.
Josephine is pro-choice, because even though she thinks abortion is wrong she believes in womens rights.
by Newbia June 10, 2004
Pro-Choice is generally referring to supporting, but not limited to supporting a woman's full range of reproductive rights; to continue a pregnancy to birth, terminate a pregnancy or carry the pregnancy to term and give the child up for adoption.
In recent years Pro-Choice has been extended to mens reproductive choices, health and options to choose vasectomy, celebacy, and/or intact and natural.
She was Pro Choice on her reproductive options.
by Anon-in-Illinois October 27, 2005
Someone who wants to keep abortion legal, wants euthanasia to be an option for the dying, or both. Not necessarily a heartless nihilist with no respect for human life, although that's a common stereotype. Usually considers abortion and euthanasia "necessary evils."
"I think abortion is wrong, but I realize that sometimes it's the only option. What does that make me?"
"You still count as pro-choice. Get used to it."
by Qit February 27, 2004
see also pro-choice. One who advocates the legality of abortion.
Bob is pro choice.
by mrmcd December 12, 2003