A supporter of Choice. the word is vague for a reason. It' not pro-abortion, or pro-murder, pro-child-death-penalty, but pro-choice. The power to choose what is best for you and in some cases your children. The power to choose to support your friends or family in the choices they have made. The power to choose to live without hate in our hearts. The power to choose the children we already have over the children who might be. The power to choose learning and growing or simply not being ready. The choice to use or abuse. The choice is yours.
I'm strongly and proudly pro-choice...I choose not to.
by Ludakrissy February 28, 2009
The position you inevitably support when you realize that, no matter how strongly you are against abortion, it is a necessary evil.
Nothing more needs to be said.
by Killing Kittens June 02, 2004
The self-given label of the ideological group who believe abortion should be legal and readily available; contrasts with "Pro-Life”.

Until the third trimester, an organism developing in the womb is unable to support life independently, in effect no more alive than a person in a coma with a machine operating his or her lungs. Besides which, Pro-Life supporters—if they really had an ounce of compassion in them—wouldn’t hound women who have made the often difficult and always irreversible decision of having an abortion. Granted, there are Pro-Choicers who don’t seem to think women should grieve or otherwise deal with their emotions after an abortion but I am not one of them: I believe the most important thing for a woman who has had an abortion is to learn how to accept and live with the choice. Emotion is natural to human beings and should be safely expelled rather than corked up. And it doesn’t help to show revolting (and often fake) photographs supposedly showing aborted fetuses, let alone all the other psychotic stunts these people perform (blowing up clinics, anyone? Doesn’t seem very “Pro-Life” to me.)
A person who is pro-choice believes that a life of an already-extant, fully-fledged human being takes precedence over that of an embryo or fetus.
by The Thinker-Writer November 11, 2010
Supporting the mass murder of innocent preborn children.

Supporting the exploitation of women by the abortion industry that uses the slogan "Pro-Woman" to advance their agenda and billion dollar a year political machine.
It means to ignore the thousands upon thousands of women who have been killed on the abortionist's table, and afterwards, by those who cared more about their money than about their well being.
Those who support abortion are only Pro-Choice when that choice is to have an abortion. When a woman decides not to have an abortion, those who are pro-choice give her the cold shoulder.
Pro-Choice only works when women want to have an abortion. If they do not want to have their preborn child killed, many times their boyfriends or husbands force them or even kill them for not killing the child that both conceived.
Pro-Choice men love legalized abortion, especially pro-choice politicians, because they know they can be irresponsible with their actions and just go to the nearest Planned Parenthood abortion facility, and the child they conceived will be butchered, and they can continue to have sex, knowing that the abortion industry will make sure that they never have to be responsible for their actions, by murdering the children that they helped conceive.
by IAmHeald4Life November 21, 2011
The choice that best saves the father's ass, regardless of the pregnant females choice.
Crap i got my girlfriend pregnant. I sure hope shes pro choice. And by pro choice, I mean my choice.
by bLiTcH February 12, 2008
A euphemism meaning "woman's right to kill her unborn child."

"Pro-choice" is actually a misnomer, since the issue is not choice, as everyone already has the right to choose, but whether an unborn child has the right to life as enumerated by the Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution.
Sure, I'm pro-choice. A person has the right to choose whether or not to steal...but they need to keep in mind that the choice is wrong and that there are consequences.
by Penguin Chick June 15, 2008
Pro-death conspiracy; pro-choice actually means pro-life.
Refined as means pro-life, or else pro-death.
Pro-choice as refering to pro-death conspiracy, patterns before abortion. It lists quite a few, in a chain reaction of events, for instance, evil imbalanced money system from crude oil or dead word is fossil fuels, then the teenage girl hasn't enough of that filthy evil money, so then she thinks she needs an abortion since nothing for the baby.
In other words, when I was 17 and my xgf was 16, we wished to be married, she did not have the "pro-choice" which should have entitled her to marry me, so instead her parents forced slutty with others, which in turn led her to get an abortion.
by Joven August 08, 2006
People who support human righs and the advancement of the human race.
Opposite of Pro-Life which is a Synonym for Moron
I'm so pro-choice I wish all pregnant women had abortions! Fuck your Christian standards!
by Tim June 28, 2003

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