Uneducated, middle American bimbo who has sexual relations with pro snowboarders and/or skaters in order to feel cooler than all her friends.
PH: So are you like a snowboarder?
Pro: ya
PH: Cool, are you a professional?

Pro: ya
PH: Well maybe you can teach me how to ride that board.
Pro: You wanna go to my hotel?
PH: Sure!
Pro to Friend: Yo tell my girlfriend I gotta take care of some buisness, I'll be back in an hour.

PH to her Friend: OMFG!! see you tomorrow. I'll probably be spending the night in Tahoe Donner.

by coronaextra July 30, 2009
Top Definition
(noun). A female who exclusively dates professional athletes . This species of women can also be fooled by the occational minor league athlete, or friends of an athlete.
Darcy won't go out with me, she's a pro ho and I got beat up in high school track.
by The Banker July 31, 2006
A girl that only dates guys who are sponsored by a snowboard/skateboard or "insert-other-sport here" company, just so they can name drop to other girls and get all the gear they can.
Lisa is such a pro ho. She doesn't even know what Independent Trucks are but her tits look great in their t-shirt.
by Auntie Anxiety October 18, 2006
A female involved in fucking professional athletes in the hopes of being cool or getting pregnant. Usually having fake tits, being annoying as shit and wornout. (see wakerslut)
I saw her out there pro-hoin' it up like a slut, her grandma paid for her tit job.
by bize October 26, 2005
A groopie of professional snowboarders/skiers:
Professional Ho
Those chicks following around McConkey are all pro-hos.
by Anna May 04, 2004
a girl that wants nothing more then to profit from pro snow and skatboarders
I was kickin it with the 413 crew when these Pro-Ho's came up and wanted to chill, but then they asked for some free stuff so we gave them stickers. They slapped us and and said, "No free snowboard?"
by lust November 28, 2003
A proho is a certain lifestyle few women live. It consists of walking a fine line between prude and ho. She dosent throw herself at guys but simply draws in the line just a bit.
A girl who is a playa a proho
by SsSM LAWBANGER July 27, 2011

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