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Of high quality, carrying something out with perfection.
I hit that shit pro status.
by maybenot September 28, 2003
Noun- Ultimate, the best, worthy of praise, awesome, high quality, showing supremacy over the system by beating the man.

Verb- To steal, to do something straight up nice that requires balls
Freaking aced that pre-calc quiz, i got freaking pro status.

I dont feel like paying for lunch, time to pro status.

I Pro statused my i-touch from walmart they didnt even see it coming.

Mike W pro statuses everyday
by Soccerdies January 09, 2009
1. n. The ability of someone to completely pwn his particular job.

2. n. To be so professionally capable at one's particular skill as to make the attempts of others to imitate you make them appear as retarded, thumbless, knucle-dragging apes.
Since Miguel is Pro Status he can take his wife's phone call while recieving head from his whore!
by AthiesticDiety April 20, 2009
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