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work completed with sexual favors given in recompense
The cases taken up by the Hipster Defense League over the past several years have been mainly pro boner work.
by Elliott December 26, 2005
87 19
For the good of the penis
Pro boner bro, You gotta fuck Lauren to get to the Angie. Angie's worth it.
by Fonzie Shake November 01, 2010
29 5
Doing something that seems charitable or altruistic, but is in fact done with the hope it will increase your chances of getting laid.
"John, you going to help at the charity auction?"

"Is Shelly going to be there?"


"I could help out on a pro-boner basis."
by Pope Vicious I September 03, 2011
8 2
When you do a task, or job for free but instead want that person to love and have sex with you
John: so I helped her move out.

Zack: so how much did she pay you?

John: no I did it for free.

Zack ahh pro boner
by purple toothbrush October 12, 2009
13 7
It like Pro-Bono
which means being, involving, or doing professional and especially legal work donated especially for the public good
Your donating your boner for the public good... cause.. there is no use hiding it
That would just be a waste.
A:So are you going to the Club this weekend?
B:Yes, as a matter of fact I am, It's going to be Pro-Boner
by KevMack July 29, 2009
15 9
When a prostitute gives their service for free.
If you're hot enough, maybe that prostitute will give it to you pro-boner.
by Bobojoe December 16, 2010
7 2
(adj.) Choosing to have sex with a man or woman or perform a sexual act for free as a means of philanthropy.
After retiring, Gladys started dishing out sexual favors proboner to keep busy while enriching the lives of those around her.
by Annalizzo August 02, 2010
4 1