The mental disorder suffered by prius drivers who lost in their own smug self-righeousness completely overlook that they drive a car as gutless, vanilla and overrated as they infact are.

Do Americans know the rest of the world has super-efficent diesels that do better milage for half the price, guess that's why they have delusions of Prius Envy.
by LAHATA! June 04, 2009
Top Definition
To be envious of another's Toyota Prius; to long for high MPG when the price of gas gets higher and higher; to want a Prius; the pain you feel when you see a Prius, don't know the owner but are jealous of them.

My truck gets 15 mpg, while Tommy's Prius gets 50 mpg... Man, I have total prius envy.
by Jules1980 June 27, 2008
Noun, plural -vies, verb, -vied, -vy·ing.

a feeling of discontent or covetousness with regard to another person's ownership of a hybrid vehicle; especially those who bought early and scored the coveted limited edition carpool lane stickers.

Particularly strong among some SUV owners, such as those who used subprime lending for a second mortage to buy a $50,000 vehicle that they can no longer afford.
I'm trying to sell my Expedition before gas goes up to five bucks a gallon; I've got a serious case of prius envy.

by my2wins July 10, 2008
Something idiots get. They wish that their car was less fuel efficient, less powerful, less fun, less stylish, and much heavier, much more dangerous than a Chevrolet Cobalt.
If Chevrolet can get a seven liter V8 in a Corvette Z06 to do 30+mpg, why do people have prius envy about the 1.5 in the Prius that only gets 42?
If Chevrolet can get 50 mpg out of a 2.2 liter engine in a Cobalt, why do people have prius envy about the 1.5 in the Prius that only gets 42?
by Epsilon Rho Toa Omega March 22, 2010
The envy that comes with being the last person on your block without a Prius.
"Now that the '09 models have come out, I have a bad case of Prius envy."
by S Triple G August 10, 2008
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