Think about it. If your there, your segregated from any contact from any women all the time. If your there and your a man, you have to deal with other men raping and taking advantage of you. If your there and your "gay" it would be a wonderful place. Inmates there have to have screw with other men that are bitches and could "pretend" its another female because thats all they can do to help their sexual needs. Could you imagine going to prison and all the other inmates are women taking sexual advantage of you while you get enjoy it just because your straight. Think about how frustrated the "straight" men are there. Thats why prison is the gay mans paradise.
Bubba went into prison straight while they turned him into a woman.
by tatomuck1 March 28, 2009
A great place if you want a long vacations from home and good people. All you have to do is commit a good crime and get caught.
Why do I have to go to prison for stealing? Baseball players do that all the time and they don't get in trouble!

Don't be such a idiot!
by imaguythatknowswhatwordsmean March 02, 2015
A place in which criminals are kept. While there, prisoners either are stonecyphered, or stonecypher others.
While in prison, Muffin made me his Joel and stonecyphered me.
by agnew April 19, 2004
A place which treats you like shit
an example of prison is:HOME
by Scoooooooooooootty September 11, 2006
adj., extreme, extremely, gratuitously. origin: the HBO show "Oz" and its horrific and gratuitous non-stop portrayal of violence and man-rape. see also prison hot, prison buff.
"Man, Snake's new mohawk is prison sick!"
"That Brokeback movie was prison gay."
"Trisha's baby daddy is prison hot."
"Yeah, and he's prison buff, too."

by Lais May 06, 2006
A place where gay guys get raped in the shower, although they like it.
Prison Mate 1: Did you like it when the new inmate raped you?
Prison Mate 2: Hell yeah!
by Danny L. January 16, 2007
cheap housing for coons. all they have to do to get in is be themselves (i.e. steal a bike).
BikeStealingNigga:"Yo man, I like dis new ass house G-dog. Yo man, I be hungry"
Cop:"We don't serve fried chicken and watermelon here you damn nigger."
BSN:"Yo man, I be thirsty!
Cop:"We don't got any grape soda either!
BSN:"Well watta I do te pass da time yo?
Cop:"theres no crack here, you could get fucked by AIDS infested-Jim, or you could just get your ass kicked by me and the rest of the prison gaurds you damn coon."
BSN:"Why'd I ever steal dat bike!"
BSN:"Cause you're a nigger.
BSN"oh yeah."
by Captain Communism July 19, 2006
The place to find a redneck bitchass mother fucker who wrote the first defenition; the place to find black people beating the hell out rednecks for trying to get them up the ass; the place where rednecks go, to find other rednecks to get ass from cuz they cant get any from the opposite sex.
A lot of hicks play prison at home so they can get eachother up the ass.
by Troublesome May 02, 2003

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