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Think about it. If your there, your segregated from any contact from any women all the time. If your there and your a man, you have to deal with other men raping and taking advantage of you. If your there and your "gay" it would be a wonderful place. Inmates there have to have screw with other men that are bitches and could "pretend" its another female because thats all they can do to help their sexual needs. Could you imagine going to prison and all the other inmates are women taking sexual advantage of you while you get enjoy it just because your straight. Think about how frustrated the "straight" men are there. Thats why prison is the gay mans paradise.
Bubba went into prison straight while they turned him into a woman.
by tatomuck1 March 28, 2009
81 72
The place you go to for doing just about anything fun.
Guy #1: "Hey did you hear Bob is in prison?"
Guy #2: "No. What happened?"
Guy #1: "He got drunk, went up to a cop's house and knocked on the front door, and pissed on the cop when he opened the door."
by #1 Sicilian February 17, 2010
43 26
1. A place where people are sent because they have stolen a loaf of bread to feed their families.

2. A place where people who have stolen a loaf of bread, will very infrequently run into the rich white corporate and political criminals who have murdered thousands and/or have stolen millions from people who have less than themselves. Examples: Bush Cheney Haliburton Citigroup Enron

3. A place that is occupied by a large number of harmless pot smokers.

4. A place where the corporate and political terrorists will attempt to send any liberal who opposes them.

5. A place that if there was any justice in the world would be occupied mainly by rich, white, conservatives, instead of the current occupants which are disproportionally poor and minority.
Shouldn't someone who starts bogus wars and murders thousands, including innocent children, be sentenced to prison and have the keys thrown away?
by greengirl123 October 29, 2006
191 178
The only place in America where buttrape is legal.
I heard an AB buttraped his prison bitch last night, the guards acted like they saw nothing.
by Nig nog August 17, 2013
3 1
Slang term used to describe unsanitary and generally undesirable conditions.
"No way I'm showering in the prison shower at her apartment."

"That gas station had some serious prison bathrooms."
by runningandreading June 10, 2014
1 0
A taxpayer funded college for criminals.
Prison is supposed to punish criminals, but instead it groups them with their own kind and gives them an ideal place where they can all teach each other to be bigger and better criminals.
by NewClear June 09, 2013
4 3
A place in which criminals are kept. While there, prisoners either are stonecyphered, or stonecypher others.
While in prison, Muffin made me his Joel and stonecyphered me.
by agnew April 19, 2004
31 39