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Any time you prevent yourself from getting fucked in the ass, either literally or figuratively, it is a prison victory, because only in prison is this considered a victory.
Reggie: We were outnumbered, but we worked hard and we blocked the committee from hiring Carrie's dipshit cousin. Thank God! I consider this a victory.
Bert: A victory? Are you kidding? You call not getting fucked in the ass a victory? Maybe that's a victory in prison. Yeah, that's it, it's a prison victory.
Reggie: Huh? A prison victory?
Bert: Yeah, cuz only in prison is it considered a victory when you don't get fucked in the ass. Anywhere else, you just take it for granted, you don't even think about it. You don't go to sleep at night and think, "thank God, I didn't get fucked in the ass today." But in prison, each day that goes by without getting fucked in the ass is a victory. All we did was avoid getting fucked in the ass. All we got was a prison victory.
Reggie: Damn, bro. Damn.
by katowjo November 12, 2013
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