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A "prison pussy" is a configuration of facial hair which surrounds a man's mouth (also known as a "goatee"). This ironic term is intended to insult a man who thinks his well-trimmed facial hair makes him look tough. The overt implication of the term is that men in prison would use his mouth like a vagina. This insult is especially powerful when it is spoken by a woman.
Do you know that guy John? He's a white guy, about 6 feet tall, with a prison pussy.
by ~jasonc July 06, 2006
He's got a hot prison pussy!
by Outlaw April 09, 2003
The mouth of a male prison inmate who either willingly or under duress sucks dick while in prison. Sometimes used more narrowly to refer to such inmates who wear goatees or mustaches.

The term serves as an analogy to the vagina's role as receptacle for the penis, with male facial hair viewed as analogous to vaginal pubic hair
I see DaShawn's wifie on cell block is growing a goatee now. I bet that prison pussy is gonna tickle his balls when he's gettin' his knob polished.
by BxMuscle October 03, 2010
The tuft, or patch of hair that grows in the small of a guys back...just over his ass.
"Dude, your prison-pussy's so thick it looks like a hedge hog's crawlin outta your ass!"
by Spookata October 26, 2005
1 Jail's version of pussy
2 A man's asshole
3 incarcerated pussy
Bubba: boy howdy you are lookin fine joey!
Joey the Rapist: thanks my nigg you know i enjoy keeping in shape.
Bubba: nice ass, back where i come from we call that thurr prison pussy!
Joey the Rapist: thanks i guess...
(anal rape almost always follows a conversation with the word "prison pussy")
by Thahooddefined69 March 15, 2009
That sweet, SWEET, SWEEEEET stuff that lil' Junior is gonna have to get used to giving up naily or upon Bubba's request.
Bubba: "C'mon, boy, Long John needs sum lovin'"
Junior: "Not now, Bubba. I'm tired."
Bubba (yanking Junior's covers back and ramming his jimmy up 'in there'): "Stay in a child's place, bitch!"
by lawnmowerman August 03, 2005
Applicable to males only. When you go to jail for whatever reason, approximately 8 people gang up on you to de-virginize you. They get a knife and slice the skin between your nuts and your asshole, and start having sex there. The prison gynecologist must sow you up, which is just more welcoming for your new friends.
Frank was sent to the penetentiary and got prison pussy from his inmates.
by buddha April 07, 2004
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