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just like rock star parking or 'prime parking'; when one finds the perfect parking space, right next to or in front of the entrance to wherever he or she is going.
Hey look, there's a space right in front of the bar we're going to. Grab it!

Princess parking, nice!
by Johnny 5 August 11, 2005
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another (more feminine-oriented) variation of 'rockstar parking': getting a space right in front of (or otherwise very close to) the venue being visited. other variations on this term include 'prime parking.'
Holy crap! A spot right in front of the building! Talk about princess parking!
by Johnny 5 August 08, 2005
Parking within 100 feet of the establishment you want to patronize.
"Gnarly, Dude! I can't believe your terrific parking Karma. You just scored some fantastic Princess parking in front of that burger dive."
by ugglymuttsky June 24, 2009

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