to roll nicotine and crack cocaine in rolling papers,A STEP LOWER THAN SMOKING THE CRACK PIPE,A waste of money,
If you keep smoking primoes,your gonna end up a glass monkey!
by SHARON MINOR December 18, 2007
A joint or blunt containing and a sprinkling of cocaine.
Don't you wanna smoke a primo?
by Angela Lines December 16, 2003
1. (noun) A joint or blunt containing both marijuana and cocaine.
2. (adjective) To be of exceptional quality.
3. (noun) Spanish for cousin.
1. "I would roll a primo, but I don't want to waste any of my coke."
2. "The new paint job on my car is primo."
3. "My mother's brother's daughter is my primo"
by bezadllal November 30, 2006
In spanish this literally means cousin. However can also be used to desribe a close friend.
Yo me and Ray we like family man. That's my primo right there.
by rick rude November 09, 2005
a marijuana cigarette with coke in it
by chubaaca October 30, 2002
amazing, kick ass, pimp
"That shot was fucking primo!"
by Snoosy January 18, 2003
(Adj) When skateboarding, landing primo is when land on the side of your board. This usually ends badly and jams your wrist back.
Jerry attempted El Toro yesterday. He landed primo and sprained his wrist.
by unineff2000 October 10, 2014
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