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A word to describe an object in Second Life that contains a large number of prims; the building blocks of objects in Second Life.

The word, "Prim" is already in the UD, definition #3 by Rusko. Other words already included in the UD are de-prim, de-primmed and de-primming. I feel this word also belongs to this set.
Those flowers are too primmy.
This house is too primmy for what my parcel will allow.

See also prim (definition #3), de-prim, de-primming and de-primmed.
by Poetia Benazzi December 08, 2010
A person who is overweight and suffers from the feeling of wanting to be thinner. A word used in psychology for people suffering this condition
The man was Primmy about his appearance
by The_right_way November 25, 2007

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