the absolute shit. basically prime but with some kind of nonsensical, year 11 Maths A refference, which is neither understood nor appreciated by anyone subscribing to the increasingly popular QD lifestyle.
"got me some nice cinnamon facial scrub the other day..."

"you fo real? thats PRIME MERIDIAN!!"
#qd #cinnamon #international date line #estonia #punjabi
by melodious-joy September 19, 2006
Top Definition
The seam of the ballsack. Sometimes crooked if the doctors do an imperfect job of sewing it together.
Last Saturday Matt teabagged me and his prime meridian hit me right between the eyes.
#taint #choad #chode #grendle #ballsack
by ucsf-genentech May 19, 2006
The act of licking someone (male or female) from bellybutton to butt hole in a straight path, thus dividing their body in vertical halves like the prime meridian.
Guy 1: Hey did you hook up with Katy last night?

Guy 2: yeah dude, we were just making out and then she pulled down my pants and gave me a prime meridian
#licking #sex #oral #tongue #butt
by The carpet cleaner July 13, 2014
a skate board move that requires you to kick the front foot off your board like an ollie north, but also at the same time kick your back foot off the board, so that you are suspended above your board (which isnt flipping by the way) with both feet kicked infront and behind your board. This move is Believe to be invented by Profesional skater Ben Steele in the early 00's.
that wasnt a prime meridian, your back foot was still on your board!!!
#pm #primey #meridian #primape #primary
by Steele fresh May 29, 2006
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