When something is overpriced or expensive for what it is

may be just a british thing
Those disposable rubber chickens are a bit pricey, let's try somewhere else
by Moggy006 June 14, 2004
Top Definition
Expensive, very costly, high-end.
A Prada bag is way too pricey for me.
by wenwen June 15, 2004
An absolute legend. He and BJ Marlow dominate the footy and afterwards get all the ladies. He enjoys ice cream and a nice glass of scoth.
Scootsy: What are you doin tonight?
BJ Marlow: I'm gettin the ladies with pricey
by Ben Reid 20 October 25, 2010
Adjective: Expensive
Hot damn! The beers here are $10! That's pretty pricey.
by ben June 17, 2004
A wanker in the most extreme form. Uneducated,loud and very annoying. Awful taste in music, his music is defined as SHIT! Often found dancing in the mirror and checking his "guns" out to the sound of minimal.
Oi mate your being a right Pricey!!
by 72/74's Finest December 13, 2010
An absolute champion.
Drinking Overproof rum (60%) and smoking like a chimney, ol' Pricey is the most laidback, kickin' it of all Aussie's. He grew up in the heartlands of Swansea NSW and used to drop acid in class. A freakishly talented soccer goalie, Pricey would regularly be seen getting high an the hour before a match.
Driving a Canary yellow Holden Gemini, his chick-pulling capabilities are unlimited as he is the biggest chiller ever. His most common phrases: "Fuck Off Cunt!" "Whateva" "I don't give a fuck" "No worries".
"Me and Pricey have been tight for years. Smoking chronic and getting fucked up way back in the day. I got my degree in ~weed science~ with him.
by Diego August 21, 2003
More Expensive
A Rolls Royce car is pricey compared to a Ford
by billgrant June 14, 2004
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