the loli model of /s/ on 4chan
4channer1:hey look at that hot loli
4channer2:thats not just a loli, thats prettychan!!
by mathasahugecock December 29, 2009
Top Definition
a girl, very much loved, by the /s/ 4chan community. she is bright and happy with big green eyes (hence the second name PrettyGreenChan) she has posted few threads on 4chan but was instantly famous.
4channers:damn, look at prettychan! i would tap that, but...shes soo cute!
by prettygreenchanlover December 29, 2009
A Goddess who came to /s/ board of on the 28-29th of December.

Notable for her Pretty face and "eyes of truest Green".
Anon "Dont whore yourself to these people PrettyChan, you're too good for it."
Anon2 "I agree and would like to know you better PrettyChan."
PrettyChan posts picture of her boobs, every anon faps.
by Greenlover December 29, 2009
she is pretty much 4chans loli supermodel, cute face, cute figure, sweet smile. not many threads on 4chan but, she was pretty instantly liked.
4channer: god, all these threads are soo boring, oh, wait, is that? it is! its prettychan!! <angels sing>
by prettychanlover December 29, 2009
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