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A pretty boy is almost tha smae thing as a metrosexual-which means that they spend a lot of time on they hair, they clothes...basically he wants to look super good!
My cousin is such a pretty boy. He takes about and 1 hour in the shower, takes 15 minutes on his hair, and everytime we go to tha mall, he always has to by something from one of tha stores.
by Baby J July 06, 2004
either a(n) homosexual; a young man very serious about his looks;raver;fan of techno; a guy that looks like a female; female appearence
by Anonymous July 05, 2003
A sexy sexy bitch who posts on Flamevault!
Prettyboy is one sexy bitch
by Bob May 04, 2003
the definition of pretty boy is me
im a pretty boy, im a very pretty nigga
by Marc Johnson April 11, 2005
a very handsome young adult, usually gets everything handed to him . Doesn't get into fights but would just get up and walk away, he cares about his appearance and what other people may think. Although he may appear gay to some he is a straight heterosexual male.
joe Johnson is consider to be a pretty boy
by queeeenbee August 08, 2014