please refer to prettyboy
please see prettyboy
by AzN LeMoN SkIn January 19, 2005
n: a boy of pretty situations when things look neat to the thought of someone, Prettyboy is the type of guy that will master the whole status or style and dress that way with the utmost game of how he is suppose to look, very much into class.
you know that was Prettyboy very neat how he got the status looking, check him out, He's a model.
by Tuave Bachelor. Toney December 04, 2011
Prettyboy; noun

A boy obsessed with appearence and looking good. Originated from a danish boy called Tobias Løwenheim Brúhn Hansen who is the biggest prettyboy ever registered, and holds the world record in being a PB.
1:"Hey, look at the sissy boy over there"
2:"Yeah, that is Tobias Løwenheim, he's the biggest Prettyboy"
by ThePrettyboyDestroyer November 14, 2012
the most idiotic boy in your school, but still somehow popular
guy with cargo pants and just a simple t-shrit = pretty boy
by foxylikescats September 23, 2011
A somewhat new-ish (yet very common) stereotype that developed in the London/Kent/Essex/Hertfordshire area in England, and is now spreading to many other area's of the country.

- All prettyboy clothes are expensive, and are usually from shops such as Topman and River Island.
- Tight, girly-coloured (pink, yellow, etc) t-shirts that are of no readily identifiable brand and usually have some kind of scrawled pattern or design on the front. No more than 2 layers of clothing can be worn at any time, even in the winter.
- Tight, plain, expensive jeans.
- Trainers, usually white and in girly colours.
- Gelled (but more commonly waxed now a days) hair, sometimes with highlights. Grown quite long.
- Socialise only with other prettyboys/girls.
- Never participate in violence, but love gossiping when fights do erupt, and talking about "what they would have done" in an effort to show masculinity to their girl friends.
- Wear moderate amounts of jewellary.
- Do not go out much. Spend as little time on the streets as possible, as they realise they are a vulnerable target for muggings and random violence.
- Prettyboys are usually friendly, but can come across as irritating, and cocky.
- Prettyboys are usually very wealthy, but can come from a range of social backgrounds. Some prettyboys are ex-rudeboys who see the rudeboy culture as immature.
- Most are popular with girls, as prettyboys dress specifically to appeal to women.
- Follow a strict social strucutre religously. They think they "have a place" in their school/college, and know who they can "talk down to" and who to "suck up to."
- Most will claim they listen to a mix of R&B, hiphop and rock, but really just listen to whatever is in the charts at the moment.

Personally I find prettyboys the scum of the earth, due to their narrow-minded lifestyle and a life amibition to go out with the "buffest" girl in their school.

They like to argue that all groups "follow" each other.
This is not true, and is a weak defense.
Some prettyboys actively admit they wear what the most popular people are wearing. Correct, rudeboys, grungers, etc DO have a sense of style that they stick to, but it is nowhere near as single-minded as the prettboy style.
Don't pretend you don't understand what I just said either... its obvious and you know it!
normal man : "we started on some prettyboys at a house party last night. they shit themselves"

person 1 : "what's your friend like?"
person 2 : "he's a prettyboy"
person 1 : "what a loser"

rudeboy : "*kiss teeth* see dem prettyboys over dere blud..set me da shank init, mans gona jack dem up standard"
by EL June 18, 2006
Someone who looks after themselves and is incredibly vain. They tend to be young and have a clean cut appearance often wearing designer labels. In the UK a typical pretty boy would wearing the latest designer clothes have and have a mohican or spiky hair. Generally the UK version are unintelligent where as the US ones rich and tend to have an education.I would reject some of the previous entries for pretty boy referring to ll cool j and usher. Not meaning this in a racist way but i think wouldn't think of either of them as pretty boys as white guys are generally thought of as pretty boys. Also rnb and hip hop artists try to act more like bad boys which is the opposite of what a pretty boy is.
Zac efron and the jonas brothers are textbook examples of pretty boys.
by Mackinit April 19, 2009
There is a fine line between metrosexual and straight, and that is pretty boy.

Some pretty boy characteristics:
Gells hair
Wears clothes from Abercrombie & Bitch, Hollister, AE
Ripped jeans
Polos, sometimes with the collar popped
Isn't in sports so he won't hurt is precious body
Usually skinny
Tight necklaces
Look at that damn pretty boy!
by f00k dat November 29, 2006

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