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1. Something that looks so damn good, but in reality, it is bad for you. Usually, you will be curious at this particular thing, and it will end up you losing your job, or you going completely insane.
2. The best god damn Soundgarden song ever created.
1. a) Man, that looks like a fun jump, but I may hurt myself.
b)That girl is hot, but she will eventually use me up for money and take screw me over for some false harassment charge and then go and marry some shitty billionare actor.

2. Fall out and take the bait, eat the fruit, and kiss the snake goodnight...
by Tredmond July 09, 2005
1) A beautiful, goddess of a woman. The object of every woman's envy and every man's emotional desires. 2) Administress of the Linkin Park Message Board.
1 -
Guy 1: Wouldn't you wanna go out with Pretty Noose?
Guy 2: No way! She's Widge's.. he'd kick my ass.
Guy 1: Yeah, I know.. lucky bastard. *sighs*
(Both dream of her)


2 -
by Jesus Christ of Nazareth December 21, 2004
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