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When a good looking girl bends over or sits down and her jeans slides down and reveals the top of her butt crack. It's important that's it's nice so the expression cannot be used on any butt crack show showing. It has to be a turn-on. Hairy guys and old people usually don't have pretty kinky butt minkys!

PKBM can be used to let others know what you have just seen, if the person is still in the room. Or you think your chances of picking up the girl decreases, if you shout out, that she has just showed you her butt crack.
Julia just sat down to tie her shoelace - she has a pretty kinky butt minky!

Oh man, there was this hot MILF in the que at the supermarket today that dropped her wallet. She had to bend down to pick it up and revealed her pretty kinky butt minky.
by N13L5 September 20, 2009
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