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1. The condition of a physically appealing female with no other attractive features aside from appearance.
2. a. When an attractive young woman loses the ability to interact with others on a socially meaningful level, usually due to low self-esteem, a superiority complex, and excessive flattery at a young age.
b. The opposite of ugly duckling syndrome.
1. Wow, girl x is hot, but she only sits around and smokes.
2. a. Girl x probably does nothing because people who say they care about her only care about her looks.
b. It's too bad girl x became attractive so early in life; now she has serious issues, pretty girl disease, and is a camwhore.
by Xkazy July 22, 2006
Basically when a girl suddenly changes into more of a 'girlie girl'. She starts focusing on her overall appearance. Churchies tend to use this term for girls that walk away because they prefer to fit in with the popular kids.
Person1: What's with Ashley? She hasn't been to service in weeks.
Person2: Oh, she got the pretty girl disease.
Person1: I knew she kicked her look up a knotch.
by rarara May 04, 2005
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