a group of really cool people. who are nice to everyone who is nice to them. if they dont like you, your screwed. they are mad cool wherever you live. fuck with them, theyll fuck you harder
today i bonded with becky, of the pretty committee and she is much cooler then social outkast peyton.

the pretty committee are the people all the girls are jealous of.
by Z Her September 29, 2006
Top Definition
A group of stuck up loser cocky fat head girls who are probaly on some kind of drug that is illegal and will probaly end up sucking dicks for a living. These girls will ruin your lives. They are ugly shit heads
That Pretty Committee just fucked up my life yesterday.
That Pretty Committee took my virginity twice.
That Pretty Committee IS FUCKED UP.
by Krystailia July 08, 2006
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