11 to 13 year old girl (or all girls in junior high) who enjoy stuff like hannah montannah and highschool musical and flame you on the internet for not like them making you wounder "wheres this childs parents?" or make accounts on places like deviantart,myspace,facebook, an youtube when they are to younge and lie about there age (like a 12 year old girl has it that shes 16 )they also are defined as bieng "Fangirls" to fictional characters (including cartoons) and will flame you if you dont like it. fall in love with fictional characters and noob teen stars. wanna be teens (preteens)also steal make up from their mothers purse all over their face caked up an think thier some how "sexy" but really look a hot mess Some preteens(not all) when they turn the "magical" age of 13 they believe they are and adult and tend to belive they know everything some may even challenge older experienced teens (15+) and adults and try to show off and act like a bitch the girls . they may ware stuff that to old for them to catch older teen guys. and that is to inapropriate for someone their age again you thinking "where is this childs parents?" they think its cool to have highschool boyfriends and will sometime make fictional ones and lie that they have one to make them look better and cooler. and if it is true ( then the guy is a really gay perv)
is also the stage were kids are pressured alot and do to the bullys lack of self confidence, and ignorence. usually bullies will threaten everyone else in the grade that they will beat you up and that their tuff but really if you hit them a couple times they will cry and run away llike a little bitch.

examples of preteen syndrome are..

"SHUT UP!! im thirteen i can do what i want!!"

"FUCK U!! hannah montannah is AWSOME!!"

"Edward cullen is my BOYFRIEND!!"

" O.M.G like i bought this miley cyrus shirt with her on it!! its so cute i look so hawt!!"

teen1: omg LOLZ!!!! look at that little preteen

by thrthornedredrose July 08, 2010
a person in his/early teens that is about from ages 10-14 because 13 and 14 year olds are still kids
ages 10-14 is for preteens or tweens
by xxxmanoxxx November 29, 2007
Girls who ansewer the phone like this:
Caller:Is your mother home?
preteen:nooooooo,can I take a message?
caller:uch ica loco
preteen:oooohhhh, no oblis espenol'a
Preteen:can I get your name?
Caller: joe Nokotes
Preteen:is that with a C or a K?

They also babysit
and are teachers pet
"that girl is a preteen"
Babysitters club
by mike mcloor September 26, 2006

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