A child between ages 10-12 who are beginning some of the early stages of puberty. The scrotum-suckers that posted definitions intending to offend preteens are unbearably hypocritical (because you're acting just like the stereotype that you described) and flat-out ageists. Some of them are actually decent people. But then there's also the stereotypically-described type, but that doesn't mean we should cuss their ears off.
Preteen: (comes home from school)

(random stranger walks by and sees the preteen)

Stranger: Eat meh ballz firking pretten olololololololololol

Preteen: (mutters insults such as "hypocrite" and "ageist".
by Poster of a Definition May 22, 2010
A person that is misunderstood for a preppy little cheerleader who secretly loves disney channel. I'm a pre- teen, totally mellow and love Green Day, Nirvana, and skateboarding. So?! I wear lip gloss, my younger friend wears eye liner. By the way, we could spend over 2 hours trashing Justin Beiber, Miley Cyrus, etc... I am not a abercombie and fitch shopper, I am not what you think I am! I'm told by many people I have the independence, look of a teen. Someone who I walked pass was like: "She looks likes she's actually 17 except height and puberty stuff." (Not exact words, that's be weird).
Teenager: Look at that little pre teen listening to her Selena Gomez on her fancy little iPod her parents had to buy.

*12 year old listening to Come as You Are, worrying about all the money she wasted buying her iPod that took 3 years to pay for, walks down the street*

16 year old: Look wearing lip gloss, but probably worships Miley Cyrus

*12 year old goes on her phone to her blog trashing disney channel celebs*

Normal Person: Look at that awesome maturity, and teenager personality she has.
Normal Person's Friend: I know right?!
by yuppers123456789 July 04, 2011
The age group that is 10-12 years of age. The people in this age group are stereotyped to TiPpE lyKKE DIIIZZZZZ! OMG!!!! and to like disney channel. They are also stereotyped to be teenage wannabes. I am 10 years old and I will clarify: we are not all like the idiotic nincompoops that are our age group's figureheads. Seriously: I don't wear Abercrombie clothes because they are cool: I wear them because they are comfortable. (And my mom buys them for me.) I have hated disney channel shows since I saw Hannah Montana for the first time. I don't smear makeup all over my face or act/look like a stripper.
So please, ladies and gentleman of the internet. Don't stereotype us. Thank you.

stereotype preeteen: OMG GuuRlFRiEENd!! DiD U SeE dA neW HaNNaH MonTanA? dAT WaS Liike SOoooOoOooO SwAAgy!
Real preteen: Did you see what happened today near school? It was all over the news! And we were eyewitnesses! It's so amazing!
by ladida123 August 05, 2013
A girl or boy from 10-12 years old who is different from a tween. Some people think that we are immature wannabe teen sluts. Fortunately we do not all share this personality. Im a 10 year old and i'm actually quite intelligent. I find it very immature that some people think we are stupid and seriously NoBDY TyPEs LyK DiS.
Me,(A preteen) actually having a intelligent conversation, wearing age appropriate clothes, and not typing LyK DiS.
by NerdleTheTurtle June 06, 2013
A young girl under the age of 13 (that does not include 13 yr olds your a teenager if your 13)
some may be mature while others are still acting like they're a child. Some are very mature.
They start wearing makeup, carrying purses with lip gloss, acting older,being more polite, and kinda cooler around these ages.
they sometimes get electronics.
If you are confused of the exact ages of titles like preteen and teen and child and baby and infant and toddler.

Infant=under 1
Young adult]=18-19
Im the 5th one on there^]
Yay but i am a girl'
I havr to write the word pre teen so there i did it
by girlzjustwannahavefun June 05, 2010
Loud and whiney, usually found roaming around the mall trying to be 'grown up' while shopping at Limited 2. Idolize Hillary Fluff and Hannah Montana. Demand respect and attention at all times. Most have not started puberty yet, but walk around in tight jeans and mini skirts with no hips or tits and crappy, trendy haircuts.
"what a pre teen. She wants expensive 'big girl' stuff like high heeled shoes, make up and clothes, but still secretly watches Nickelodeon. what a tool"
by Hillary Fluffs ass December 05, 2008
A kid between ages 11-14. Kids this age are typically in middle school. Other words for preteen are tween/young teen/early teen.
Preteen is the stage that is before your teen years.
by BoogsTheGreat August 20, 2016
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