Somebody between the ages of 10-12, or a wider range of 8-13. Most teens think that all preteens:
1. TyPEEe LYkk DIz :PPP
2. Are obsessed with the Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana
3. Want to be teens
4. Say "your mom" constantly
5. "Smear glitter all over our faces"
I don't know anyone over the age of 7 that tYpeSS LyyK DizZz :DDDD or listens to the Jonas Brothers or Hannah Montana. We have no reason to want to be a teen. My friends and I fear becoming teens. I have heard a lot of people saying "your mom" but I'd say it's mostly people under 11... and I've never seen anybody with glitter all over their face.

I've watched Disney Channel shows a couple times and the ones I've seen suck. I don't listen to or wear anything so I can "be a cool teeeeennn!!!!11" I wear Aeropostale because I like it. I listen to Lady GaGa because I like her music. I would never do anything just because "everyone else is". Your stereotypes about preteens are annoying and hurtful. This all came from a 12 year old, and I'm not ashamed of my age.
16-year-old: Hahaha! Look at that stupid preteen! She's wearing Aeropostale! She's probably listening to the Jonas Brothers on her iPod! Maybe she's going home to watch Disney Channel! Hahaha!
17-year-old: Just because some preteens listen to the Jonas Brothers doesn't mean that she does. Maybe she's wearing Aeropostale because she likes it.
16-year-old: Haha, sure.

17-year-old: *eyeroll*
by 19Alice98 June 26, 2010
A noun (usually) used by pedophiles to describe, preadolescent children.

1. Did you see the ass on that preteen girl?

2. Click here for free preteen "models"!
by loldunno March 11, 2009
Loud and whiney, usually found roaming around the mall trying to be 'grown up' while shopping at Limited 2. Idolize Hillary Duff and Hannah Montana. Demand respect and attention at all times. Most have not started puberty yet, but walk around in tight jeans and mini skirts with no hips or tits and crappy, trendy haircuts.

"what a pre teen. She wants expensive 'big girl' stuff like high heeled shoes, make up and clothes, but still secretly watches Nickelodeon. Grow up"
by Hillary Fluffs ass December 09, 2008
a youth between the ages 10 and 12. has no taste in music or fashion other than the things he or she sees on popular television. pre pubescent little fucks that have voices that crack and undeveloped cleavage.

some guy: oh well then billy, why don't you tell me why you like chris brown so much?

pre-teen: definitely the lyrics.
by kristov June 19, 2006
The ages 9-13.
Not all preteens act like immature retards, their are actually a lot of normal preteens. The definitions on the word "preteen" just disgust me. People are really judgmental!
I'm 10 years old and I dnt talk liek dis. I actually use proper grammar. I only act like a retard and laugh at stupid things when I'm around my BFF's. That's because I'm not afraid to be myself.
I never watch Disney Channel (And that doesn't mean I watch MTV instead), mainly because the shows are just.... corrupting and they teach little kids to act like sluts. Miley Cyrus for example.

My favorite "band" isn't the Jonas Brothers, my favorite band is MUSE, and that's my opinion.

You don't always have to follow a trend. But if you seriously feel like you have to, follow this one:
Teen 1: Haha, look at that little retarded 10 year old!

Teen 2: I bet she has a million Justin Bieber shirts in her closet but she doesn't want to wear one to the mall because she want's to act "cool".

Teen 3: There's some normal preteens.... You know that right?

Teen 1: What did you just say??

Teen 3: Excuse me, I said, She might be normal, she might not be following trends, she might not watch Disney Channel every night, she might just be NORMAL. Not like you.

Teen 2: We're not hanging out with you anymore... you're acting like a preteen.

Teen 3: Good. I'll find some friends that aren't so judgmental.
by UndisclosedDesire August 27, 2011
Wow, I am a "preteen" and I don't know if I should be mad or laughing at these ignorant definitions.

1. No one tYPes lyke DiS except trolls.

2. I hate twilight, Aeropostale and Disney channel.
3. Yes, I like pop music, but that isn't the only genre I like and I don't like it to be "cool". I could careless about being cool, I like the music.
4. I don't "want to be a teen". Some teenagers need to learn that they didn't invent the world, pop culture or fashion.

I don't know what some of you are smoking but there is the REAL definition up there.
Idiotic Teen: Those preteens love Jonas Brothers and Aeropostale. What wannabes!

Smart Teen: So just because of their age they aren't allowed to like things without being called wannabes? Grow up.
by Preteen November 19, 2010
A child between ages 10-12 who are beginning some of the early stages of puberty. The scrotum-suckers that posted definitions intending to offend preteens are unbearably hypocritical (because you're acting just like the stereotype that you described) and flat-out ageists. Some of them are actually decent people. But then there's also the stereotypically-described type, but that doesn't mean we should cuss their ears off.
Preteen: (comes home from school)

(random stranger walks by and sees the preteen)

Stranger: Eat meh ballz firking pretten olololololololololol

Preteen: (mutters insults such as "hypocrite" and "ageist".
by Poster of a Definition May 22, 2010

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