11 to 13 year old girl (or all girls in junior high) who enjoy stuff like hannah montannah and highschool musical and flame you on the internet for not like them making you wounder "wheres this childs parents?" or make accounts on places like deviantart,myspace,facebook, an youtube when they are to younge and lie about there age (like a 12 year old girl has it that shes 16 )they also are defined as bieng "Fangirls" to fictional characters (including cartoons) and will flame you if you dont like it. fall in love with fictional characters and noob teen stars. wanna be teens (preteens)also steal make up from their mothers purse all over their face caked up an think thier some how "sexy" but really look a hot mess Some preteens(not all) when they turn the "magical" age of 13 they believe they are and adult and tend to belive they know everything some may even challenge older experienced teens (15+) and adults and try to show off and act like a bitch the girls . they may ware stuff that to old for them to catch older teen guys. and that is to inapropriate for someone their age again you thinking "where is this childs parents?" they think its cool to have highschool boyfriends and will sometime make fictional ones and lie that they have one to make them look better and cooler. and if it is true ( then the guy is a really gay perv)
is also the stage were kids are pressured alot and do to the bullys lack of self confidence, and ignorence. usually bullies will threaten everyone else in the grade that they will beat you up and that their tuff but really if you hit them a couple times they will cry and run away llike a little bitch.

examples of preteen syndrome are..

"SHUT UP!! im thirteen i can do what i want!!"

"FUCK U!! hannah montannah is AWSOME!!"

"Edward cullen is my BOYFRIEND!!"

" O.M.G like i bought this miley cyrus shirt with her on it!! its so cute i look so hawt!!"

teen1: omg LOLZ!!!! look at that little preteen

by thrthornedredrose July 08, 2010
Top Definition
A noun, who's meaning is that of a child who has yet to hit puberty. Many pornographic websites have preteen in their titles to attract attention from underage porn watchers, (come on some guys are like 15 they want to see girls their age or vice versa).

btw, you spelled sickening wrong. (Dumbass)
Hey how old is that girl?

Hmm... not sure, but she's definitely preteen.
by He who shall not be named May 13, 2004
Someone on the verge of becoming a teen.

Preteen girls are often described as stupid immature sluts with glitter smeared on their faces and High School Musical fanatics, WHEN IN FACT there are many technically preteen girls who find this extremely annoying and judgemental.

SOME preteen girls are actually mature, know grammar and listen to the Cocteau Twins, so before you go blindly judging, think about the preteens that are actually mature, intelligent and find that kind of shit incredibly patronizing and offensive.

Preteen -

"12-year-old girls are all stupid little wannabe sluts who try to act cool"-

have you ever thought that maybe not all 12-year-old girls are like that?
by Mosacryla March 06, 2009
A preteen is a person aged around nine to thirteen. We're stereotyped to be ignorant little asshole wannabe teenagers who smear glitter all over our faces, follow trends for the sake of being "popular", faint at the mention of anything Disney related, and LyKeE tYpErSsS lYkE DiZZZZ hahah :]]].
I honestly think it's immature and judgmental to assume that we all share this personality, because there are many sensible and intelligent preteens. Though some of my best friends do act like the definition above. Pretty unfortunate but I still love them. :)
Teen 1~ Ew, look at that stupid tween. She thinks she's sooooo cool but she's really not. I bet she's obsessed with the "Jo Bros". Yuck.
Teen 2~ Omg, I knoww right?? What a loser.
Teen 3~ Uh, guys that preteen can't really help her age. I bet she's a nice person.
Teen 1 + 2~ Wtf?
by stephh<3 April 16, 2009
Annoying little kids who try to act older and hang out with older kids because they think the older kids like them when they really just feel sorry for them. Ages 10-12.

1. Pre-teen girl - Sometimes a tramp, or a wannabe, that acts a certain way to get attention from others. They talk about how they think older guys are hott and how the older guys flirt with them because they think they are older than their age. Someone who TyPeS LikE THiS.

2. Pre-teen boy- A wannabe, or a self-centered loser who lacks intelligence, the way they type is very annoying and hard to read. They like to go after older girls because they really dig themselves in. They talk about how big their "cock" is when everyone knows their dicks are tiny. They also talk about how they get to say up late and get to go to places.

Annoying. That's why I hate kids that age these days. Maybe if you went back like 6-4 yrs. ago, than it would be different, but it wouldn't be now.
Pre-teen girl: LiKe OMg!!!1!!!1, thIs HIGh ScHooL BoY AsKED Me OUt!!!!11 I AM ExiCted. Tooooo BaD HE DoEsN'T KnOw ThAt I AM 12. HAhaHAhAhAHa.

Pre-teen boy: Yo motherfuker, your momma is so fat, that she can't even stand on her bed without making it collapse.

Paedophile (someone who is attracted to underage people): Oooh look over there, I see a very underage girl who has caught my attention, I have found out that she uses chatrooms, so I am going to got on the chat site she uses and pretend to be another preteen.

Me or someone with intelligence: Fucking little kids really need lives. The paedophiles are going to have fun with you guys.

by AwesomeXCore March 31, 2007
anyone between the ages of 10-12, maybe 13

usually rather stuck up, shops at limited 2 and listens to GC and yellocard, usher, beyonce, and such.

wicked annoying
That pre-teen is getting on my nerves
by Sassymae February 17, 2005
Anyone under 13 years old. The 9 to 13 crowd is called tweens.
For an eye full of tweens, Google "CSM models"
by FridgeRaider December 11, 2004
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