Being so advanced that you can't function in the ordinary world
My husband is so pretarded! He sits around all day dreaming about flying hydrogen vehicles, instead of bringing home an income.
by Aliza Amihude November 02, 2006
Top Definition
When an unborn child is destined to be retarded because one or both of the people that will be raising him are both stupid.
that poor pretarded fetus, he will have a difficult life.
by Xenoflame April 19, 2003
Getting drunk by yourself before going to a social function. The social function in question is usually dry or full of people not as drunk as the pretard (not yet, anyway). Pretardation is marked by shame and embarassment often confused with being the life of the party.
Jeff figured there wouldn't be much drinking at his neice's birthday party, so he got pretarded at home.
by Captain Nadwick September 30, 2006
1. Pretard (noun) Any individual whose normal intelligence ratio appears to be dropping at an advanced rate.
2. Pretarded (adj) A descriptive word meaning to exhibit the natures and evidences of one classified as a pretard.
This guy is such a pretard!
by Aazhmandius March 21, 2003
When you and your friends get drunk before going out to the bars. Basically what you accomplish when you pregame.
Hey, come over before we go out and get pretarded.
by alrHB February 17, 2011
When you _know_ you're about to do something stupid.
Betting on the Mets to win the World Series is pretarded.

"I going after Republican support for the public option."
"That's pretarded."

Asking your ex-wife on a date is pretarded.
by Dustin Boswell November 07, 2009
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