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This person is an elitist who cares only about how prestigious their jobs and/or college degrees are. They consider people who attend top notch schools that aren't quite "elite" - such as Rice, Northwestern, and Duke - to be pretty dumb. If anyone isn't a doctor, lawyer, investment banker, or prominent politician, then a prestige whore is simply too "elite" to talk to this TTT.
After the prestige whore retook his 1480 SAT in hopes of getting into Harvard, he jumped off of a cliff after learning that his score declined.
by ThatsBriskBaby October 24, 2004
Someone who makes choices about colleges, jobs, scholarships and internships on the basis of prestige, and revels in their exclusivity rather than picking the options that are most substantively interesting or actually enjoyable to them. For these individuals, the presumption is, if you didn't get the top-ranked option, you clearly must have been rejected.
Like many of the prestige whores in their senior year at Harvard, Jacob applied only to Yale Law, Harvard Med, and Goldman Sachs. It didn't matter which one he got, as long as everyone knew it was ranked #1.
by ivydrip December 23, 2010
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