A satanic creation that uses water pumped at high pressure to clean things like driveways, sidewalks and eves.
It took me 4 hours with the pressurewasher to clean the driveway.
by Jman December 21, 2004
Top Definition
1. A gasoline-powered cleaning device, that sprays highly pressurized water.

2. When a human male uses his stream of urination to clean (in a sense) the toilet bowl, usually in an attempt to dislodge feces stuck on the upper part of the bowl, above the water line.
1. Pressure washers are great for cleaning your driveway.

2. I took a ginormous dump yesterday; I had to drink a 12 pack to fuel my pressure washer and blast all that shit off the porcelain.
by Leroy Brown 420 February 06, 2009
When you take a fatty shit on a girl's chest and then piss on it to clean it off.
Dude, she's a freak, I bet I could even get away with pulling off the pressure washer
by bigsexydlinn May 27, 2010
The pressure washer is when you blow a load on a girls face and then quickly after you begin to pee on her face to clean it off.
Tom blows a load on Jill's face, then Tom pees on Jill's face. Jill then thanks Tom for a "Pressure Washer".
by Brett Pronovost November 27, 2007
A Willy
It took me 1 hour with my Willy to clean the driveway, so much faster than my Pressure Washer!
by Mossfrog February 04, 2010
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