As above. Is particularly impressive when the buttocks and arsecrack are employed. The Australian "panel van" style of car is a favorite with exponents of this sport.
"yeh, it was grouse! Simmo done a pressed fruit bowl out the back of the Sandman - I reckon those people in the funeral procession woulda freaked!"
by Cockbreath March 17, 2003
Top Definition
the act of pushing ones exposed genitals against a window (preferably a car').
When your mom was driving behind us the other day Bob gave her a pressed fruit bowl.
by Copie Boy November 06, 2002
V. -The act of dropping ones pants and pressing ones butt and balls against a piece of glass which is visible by a passerby.

N. -The result of this process is a "pressed fruit-bowl."
Linda was shocked when she looked at the car next to her only to see a pressed fruit-bowl staring back at her.
by Vagimuff April 02, 2009
Someone spreads the cheeks of the butt against a piece of glass (i.e. a window) and proceeds to poop... it will flare out and look like a bowl of brown fruit that's been pressed against the glass
I was at a stop light and the woman next to me kept staring, so I dropped my drawers and showed her a pressed fruit bowl
by IIxHoLLiStEr7xII March 13, 2005
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