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to press one's bare ass up against a window of sorts, often in a moving vehicle, for the purpose of displaying it to the unfortunate fellows on the other side of the window.
Every time we see a school bus on the road, we pass it and press ham.
by brandon hall November 30, 2005
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To "moon" or show your bare ass to someone while pressing the ass up against glass.
Jamie decided he was going to press ham on the window at the local Mc Donald's and all the cheerleaders screamed.
by Eddie Bell May 27, 2008
to spread your ass cheeks and touch your cornhole up against something or someone.
My ass was ripe when I press hammed that persons face when they fell asleep at the party.
by William Wells December 12, 2005
to sit, bare-assed, directly on a toilet seat.
Hell no, I don't press ham on public toilets.
by Ivan January 23, 2004

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