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A beautiful girl with dirty blond hair. Every one loves her and has lots of "guy" Freinds. Usually dates baseball players. Very beautiful girl.
Person1: did you see preslie
Person 2: I wish I could date her but I don't play baseball!
by Charels Crosby October 06, 2013
13 2
The most gorgeous girl you will come across. Long wavy Dirty blonde hair and big beautiful eyes mixed with blue green and gray. Sassy and smart. Doesnt take no for an answer or any shit from anyone. Tough when needs to be but also super smart loving and caring and at the end of the day she just wants everyone to get along. Loyal and friendly. Loves her family and will always be there for you when you need her. Guys hate to love her, girls love to hate her. Even a Preslies bestest friends are secretly envious and jealous of her and want nothing more than to look and be like her. Preslie is a natural beauty and a definite one of a kind.
I love Preslie!
I wish I could be just like Preslie!
by Research=ProvenFacts June 21, 2014
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