Person who is smarter then you in every way because he/she is the leader of a country.
Dumb Person: Man i hate our president he is such an idiot.
Smart Person: Well what do you do.
Dumb Person: Well i am-

by The Great American August 12, 2008
a president is a Skundelo-Americanadian slang term for a friend, similar in meaning to "dluff" or "mutge"
Rogger-1: "Hey Rinstel!"
Rogger-2: "I'm not Rinstel, rogger!"
Rogger-1 "Sorry, president!"
by skundelkraftiano April 10, 2007
either some giant douche or some turd sandwich as said in south park

except for ronald reagan
presidents suck up to make it far in politics
by lemonpartyfan April 04, 2007
ladies pubic hair innit
comes from president bush..
"I am going to attend to the president"
by TamTamTam April 08, 2006
The top elected political position in the United States.
G W Bush wishes he had been elected president by the voters instead of being selected by the Supreme Court -
more voters vote in elections than do SC Justices in a case.
by Ishtar Garanga March 27, 2003
A person who enforces the law of adultery, yet does it himself.
If I'm going to pay 150 dollars, I better get what the president got!
by Heaven's Devil March 30, 2003
publicity stunt
First bush, Whats next Michael Jackson?
by Jeremy May 20, 2004

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