People who constantly put down other kids because of theier looks.Shop at old navy,Abercrombie and Fitch,Limited 2,and Rave.Think they are better then everyone else.
I am an Anti-Preppie
by Shaunna October 11, 2003
um, this one is hard, but it just basically meens a snotty bitch who thinks she knowes EVERYTHING. She doesn't have too be rich...just always wears tight SLUTY clothes.

I dont know, thats for me to know, and you to find out...;)
by Hailey February 25, 2004
1) A stupid or foolish person
2) A person who thinks they are cool, but will never make something of theirselves in life
3) A person who dislikes people who dont dress and act like them

Example: The guys who stuff kids in garbage cans and laugh, and the chicks who are hot, but have the brain mass of a small child, they usuall dress in American Eagle and Ambecrombie and Fitch, usually at battle with Goths and poser Goths
"Those preppy bastards cant even get a GED!"
by Cody March 12, 2003
a prep is an arrigant person who thinks that they are the best in the world. a prep also had needs to make fun of others who aare different from them, exapmle, goth or outcasts. they may also enjoy calling punk people goth or others outcasts or losers. and they NEVER have a good come back. and when they say that they can kick ur bum they will usually say "not rigth now, or some other time"
someone who shops at "AE" or Abcrombi and fitch
by "goth" girl - according to preps February 19, 2004
This is not exactly true and is very much a stereotype, but I will describe the preps I see in High School.

Guy Prep:

Body: Extremely thin, and tall. Tanned, with few or no visible skin imperfections. Veins and bones visible when arms move, but generally not that strong. Runs fast though.

Clothes: Usually wears well ironed Abercrombie shirts and dark Structure jeans with a brown belt, a brown wallet, brown boots, and boxers that are at least three inches out of their pants. Sometimes guys have a stud earring.

Hair: Gelled crew cut or spikes. Tips sometimes dyed or hair frosted.

Car: A pristinely clean, relatively fast, leather-endowed car (maybe an Accord Coupe).

Music: Rock(Godsmack), heavy metal(Metallica), death metal(Tool), and a little punk(Offspring).

Activities: Sneaking out, alcohol, sometimes racing, seeing movies, watching football games, playing football, buying clothes.

Girl Prep:

Body: Once again very lean, relatively tall for a girl, big-boobed, moderately sized hips, perfect skin.

Clothes: Usually wears tight, double-meaning Abercrombie shirts, hip-hugger jeans, double or triple pronged brown belts, platform sandals, earrings, tight-fitting small purse.

Hair: Long, shiny hair. Sometimes a bow or other decoration. Often, people think of preps as blondes, but there are probably more brunettes around me at least.

Car: Entry level coupe, Civic, RSX, Celica. Leather endowed and always clean, but not very fast or featured.

Music: Whatever the guys around them listen to.

Activities: Hanging around in big groups, meeting up at the mall, seeing movies, cheerleading, shopping with other female preps.

Unisex Prepiness:

Family: Stuck up, rich parents who are blissfully unaware of their children's activites.

Money: Lots of it.

Intelligence: Moderately to highly intelligent, but don't show it. Do OK in school, go to a good state/private university.
My older brother.
by Skelington December 18, 2003
a REALLY REALLY REALLY annoying stuck up person who does not like anyone but their own species and is usually a cheerleader, rich, and blonde. And they love Ambecrombie and Finch and loves pink. They think that guys who wear rugby shirts and have blue eyes and are popular are "boyfriend material". They are skanky slutty bitches who think the world of themselves and cry when people talk about them, yet they always talk about other people. They are always obsessive with their appearance and try to impress boys by wearing skanky clothing. They make fun of the outcasts because they are quiet and don't worship the ground they walk on. But the truth is they probably have more of a life then the prep. Preppy boys are ALSO REALLY ANNOYING and think that they are so hot and they could get any girl they want. They think that people who act different are FREAKS and they refuse to talk to them or even look at them because they are afraid it would ruin their perfect complexion. They are usually jocks who always brag about how great they are at their sport. They TRY to be rebellious, especially with school. Both boys and girls preps listen to pop or rap and some try to be ghetto, but what they dont know is that they look retarted trying to be.Most preppy girls are obsessive with being petite and are always complaining about calories and their weight. Preppy guys are always bragging about their muscles and how many bases they got with a girl. Preppy girls always snicker and laugh when someone trips and falls and never helps them get up. They whisper to their friends and point like its SUCH a HUGE THING. PREPS SUCK!
Preppy Girls: Wannabe barbie doll
Preppy Guys: Wannabe ken doll
by someone SPECIAL...ED October 18, 2003
A preppy is a student in a college prep school, where young people are taught subject matter that is intended to prepare them for the best colleges. The term could technically apply to any student in such a school, but the classic preppy stereotype is usually implied.

A classic preppy has an attitude of superiority and a focus on group status. A typical preppy wants to stand out by fitting in with the in crowd. Therefore, they most often shop where other preppies do, for things that add to their social status. Typical preppies, such as jocks, cheerleaders, class presidents and prom queens, they will be in all the most popular cliques. They are supposed to be preparing for college, but they act like they are really just preparing to be socialites. Classic preppy types are usually stuck up.

Preppies are most often rather conservative in style compared to the rest of us, but they love the hottest trendy stuff within their conservative niche. Not everyone who goes to a prep school is a preppy. Preppies usually come from well-to-do families with respectable backgrounds and are accustomed to a life of privilege. Students who are not in the preppy crowd usually come from lower income families, often attending on a scholarship. Anyone who does not quite fit in with the preppy image or lifestyle will find it difficult to befriend one of them.

(This word is NOT to be confused with the word, prepper, which means something else.)
Although I attended a traditional prep school in New England, I was never a preppy. I lived on the poor end of the same street where many of my preppy classmates lived, but they, of course, lived at the upper end, where the big, fancy houses were. My mom and dad were divorced and I was only there on a scholarship, but the preppy girls all had dads who were highly paid professionals with careers as doctors, lawyers, psychiatrists, and such.

I never wanted to be a preppy, because those girls acted so selfish, vain, pretentious and arrogant that they all just seemed too shallow and unoriginal to be of any interest to me as people. I guess and hope that the attitude of most preppies has improved since I attended that venerable institution of learning in the 60s and 70s.
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