as we say in the uk (an yes we gots them)
a preppie is a twat
preppie = twat
twat = preppie
by Dinger McCharles June 02, 2004
a snobby stuck up brat who thinks just because they have alot of money and wear name brand shit there all that.most preps are on sports teams and a fan of tight ugly cloths that they cant even breath in short shorts
ugly tops that raveles way more then ppl wanna c. there always talking about shoes and how they are the best and there life is so grand and how everyone looks up to them well honeslty the only way i look up to preps or even look at preps is when im thinking about them dead in that little cascet.
have u ever heard somone say "omg i broke a nail" well who ever the hell says that get as far away from them as possable because they suck!
by becky February 14, 2004
Preppy girls are usually rich, stuck-up, arrogant and pretty (or so they think). They don't realize that the world is a large wonderful place, much larger than the shopping mall. They're extremely stupid. They think extremely highly of themsleves and they shun anyone else who dares not to worship whatever they do. They think they're so great and they bring people down to make themselves higher. They scare the people who are quiet and not as good looking as them. Secretly, they're afraid of people who try rise up and stand up to them. They're pretty sad little creatures because they think that all that exists in the world is them. They don't have any true friends because all their "friends" would do anything to protect themselves, not each other, like true friends would. They like pink, detest black, wear lots of make-up to cover up the little bitchy ugly faces that they really have. However, preppy boys, a.k.a. "pretty boys", are just that. They have air where their brains should be. They only care about girls, sex, and sports. They think they're so good looking and that all girls are shallow enough to only want looks. They are the male counterparts to preppy girls. They're extremely annoying and they can't do except throw and catch a ball made out of pig skin. They're extremely conceited and think that everyone looks up to them, when in reality, we just want to take an sniper rifle and shoot them right between the eyes. But, that probably won't kill them anyways because they don't have brains to begin with.
Girls who dress up like Barbie
Guys who dress up like Ken
by Sydney Lee March 15, 2004
Preps...Some people that I tend not to hang out with. I normally just beat the shit out of them, and call it a day...
Prep #1: "Lyk, OMG! My mom lyk, gave me, lyk, a whole bunch of shoes! And lyk, they are so, lyk, awesome dude!"

Me; a.k.a; "Freak": "Yeah, whatever bitch, stfu before I cast a fucking spell on you..."
by FREAK!!!! August 28, 2004
basically snobs....
they think they're cool but they're not.
That kid is so preppy with his abercrombie & fitch clothing and fake blonde hair.
by Miguel_the coolest January 13, 2004
There's two kinds of preppy:
1.The rich kids who always play golf and are always smart,stuck-up brats that think they're better then the "less fortunate" people.

2.The kids at school who wear "popular clothes"(or so they think) and think that their the best in the school.

Girls:Usually blonde,loves pink and Hello Kitty,wears really small and tight clothes,says OMG and like alot,and listen to sucky pop music that they usually sing along to,always standing in groups talking about "hOtT bOyZ!!!111",laugh at the unpopular kids,giggle for no reason,always hanging out at the mall

Boys:Usually also blonde(almost all the guys in my class had brown or black hair then died it blonde to look "cool"),likes black and red,say they're "sK8eR pUnKz!!!11",and listen to punk,or what they think is punk,because they think it makes them popular.
1."Good day,mother and father! I am late for my golf game with Albert,so I will be seeing you!"


Boy:"Hey,dude! Wazzup? Wanna go hang with me after school? I gots a new board,man,and we can just skate or whatever"
by TheWiggidy April 11, 2004
We preps usually wear clothes from Hollister, Abercrombie, American Eagle, Aeropostale, Juicy Couture, And our jeans usually are True Religion jeans or some other pair of designer jeans. The sports we are usually into are, Golf, Tennis, Figure Skating, Ballet, Soccer and more but those are the most common. Emo people and Goth people usually make fun of us and why should they do that? We are people too..
Ashley: Hey Alexis wanna go shopping today?
Alexis: Yeah where should we go?
Ashley: Hollister, American Eagle, Abercrombie, Aeropostale & Juicy!
Alexis: That sounds awesome! Lemme go ask my daddy for money!
Ashley: Yeah me too!
Ashley and Alexis: uhmm.... okay??
eMo KiD: *runs off crying* Preps are bad I hate you!!!
Ashley & Alexis: ooooook?? Whatev
#prep #preppy #ashley #alexis #me #friends #rich #hollister
by Pretty&Preppy December 30, 2007
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