preppy is not a person first off.
it's a style.
i think it's sad that people refer to styles as the actual person. it reminds me of tribal war and all that primitive stuff.

preppy is a style, where a person buys clothes similar to what they sell in "abercrombie" and "aeropostle" "the gap" "guess" etc.. usually the person takes pride in their appearance and never looks unkempt.
just go to the mall and u will surely find at least one person who has a "preppy" style.
by deenie June 17, 2004
A person who thinks they are better than anyone in school. Also, a person who is sensitive and doesn't like when people talk about them, but talks about other people behing their backs.
"Jessie Krupka is a straight-up prep!"
by Anonymus May 15, 2004
a full of themselves tart that blends in with all the other preppy people. They also don't realise how preppy they are, even if you show them this definition or any of the other definitions.
"wow these definitions are really cool"
by samara March 25, 2004
1. stylish in a rich, white, abercrombie kind of way
2. a nickname for zack morris on saved by the bell
1. "He looked very preppy in his cargo pants and v-neck sweater."
2. "Hey, Preppy, your cell phone is absolutely huge!"
by lisagirl April 10, 2003
wat a lot of guys become because they think they will bang more chicks if they do. These people usually wear Abercrombie, hollister, or American Eagle. Usually are rich but sometimes are just willing to spend that much money to get hot white chick pussy.
I am an example of some1 who became preppy when the fact dawned on me that preppy guys get mad chicks. I spend all my money from my jobs on Abercrombie clothes. It is sad but has been worth it a couple of times if u know wat i mean.
by Truth Bringer May 02, 2005
no body gives a shit who is "preppy" and who isn't. people are people and how we dress is how we dress. but one things for sure, the type of blonde ditzy girl who always wears make up and always carries make up is really really anoyying and that can be considered preppy.
look at that preppy lil bitch who is too good to talk to her old friends who don't wear the name brand cloths and don't go shopping every week with her.
by stop judgin' July 21, 2004
a person who thinks that every one likes them they are usually stuck up rich kids who wear whats in fashion they only date other popular preps hate goths and skaters and are very closed minded also see bitch
prep::omg daddy i just have to have that new gucci purse
by punkbuny69 January 04, 2004

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