A happy person that loves to be happy. They can either have plenty of friends or backstabbing weasel friends. They can either be sluts or act like one. Even not all of them are, its a common sterotype. They usually have their own accent and use the words Totally; babe; like; major; whatever; talk to the hand; OMG; ect.

A scary overly active person

Commonly called cheerleader

Coke addicts (at least in my school)
"like OMG He is a total BABE"

Today Mina was acting all preppy after she had those bags of sugar.

Person 1"She's so preppy."
Person 2 "She's a cheerleader she has to be or she's in the wrong sport."
by Lorena March 11, 2005
A prep is a person who is fucking stuck-up, think the're better than everyone else, and tend to dress slutty!!!

Preps fucking suck!!!!
"Look at that stuck up prep"
by Slipknot_psyco_666 August 04, 2005
just cause i like punk rock but don't dress in complete black with kurt cobain t shirts i get called a prep. I dont wear my 'collar popped' and i never ever wear skirts. Im always in my ripped jeans and coverses, and i dont own any pink tops. I think the definition of preps is just beomming more complex each and each day. To be a prep all you have to do is stand around the shopping centre waiting for your bus in the arvo or giggle at soemthing that you would find funny. I think people need to stop calling each other preps, because to be honest how many of us have BMW's at 16? and wear a tonne of jewlery and get our nails done properly. Its so stupid
Dont have an example just that STOP CALLING PUNK ROCK PEOPLE PREPS, just cause we dont wear complete black and praise the devil
by Paige April 14, 2004
describing word, describing clothes, accessories, people, etc. preppy clothes are usually those that cost a little more than others and the clothes include "garden party dresses" and slacks....things very nice & proper...accessories that match very well with the outfits.......people that can't have poor friends no matter how nice they are...they think they are better than everyone else who is not as rich....always bragg, some are okay in sports but they never are really the "sporty" type truely.....the guys are very sensitive even though they say otherwise...girls love to have sincere boyfriends they can take care of....
Abercrombie & Fitch is a store that has preppy clothing.
Is he your friend? "No he wears that Volcom shirt all the time"
by Beverly Congdon January 03, 2004
Holton Girl
Wow that girl is preppy...she must be from holton.
by loyto May 10, 2004
they should all be shot whoever thought that it was cool to stick the collar of your shirt up in the air....o and there is such thing as pearls being to big ya'll i mean im suprised ya can walk with all that shit weighing ya down...and pink its over rated and dont ya ever get hot with so many shirts ontop of each other..anyways if it floats your boat knock urself out
the girls in skool that jump at the oppurtunity to dress up in pink polo pants, with three polo shirts over top of each other with all the collars "popped"...then the whole lets drape a sweater over my shoulders makin sure the polo pony shows so they all know i paid a fortune for this piece!...then how many pearls can i wear and how big can i get them...and of course lets not forget the ribbons upon ribons a couple in my hair sum round my waste...then lets just add sonethin pink cuz then they'll all think im cool...christ ya'll honestly
by me February 22, 2005
!Serisouly people, think of society today...who the hell can REALLY afford this crap? it sounds like its from like the 1800's. its 2005. people cant ALWAYS afford that crap. So they turn to the stores that say thier preppy. i dunno. shut the F- up, this site makes me sick...
!Hey samantha check out This site... its made up of SNOOTY people who try to say they arent...yeah right. they have alot of clout...lets go get in the HIppie bus and go to a thrift store and by some knock off wallmart handbag:)
by Am i a prep?:) teeehheee:) February 18, 2005

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